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The writing process is fascinating, and every writer approaches it slightly differently. In this category you’ll find everything about my journey, from the first words of the first draft all the way to publication.

Progress Update: Wardens of Archos, Darkened Light, and Nervous Beta Shakes (OOH, and an Excerpt)

I figured it was about time I updated you 🙂 Much has happened this month, many cookies have been consumed in celebration (and fear), and all of it is exciting. I’ll try to make this brief because I’m not at my home computer right now and therefore can’t spam you with gifs.

~ Wardens of Archos ~

WoA is now with my beta squad <3 As I’m waiting for the first emails with feedback to come in I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m relieved – it’s not a good combination, friends.  I’m an emotional mess, basically (which, yes, is me on every other day, too, but waiting for beta feedback to roll in makes it worse; I’m a fragile, emotionally unstable kitten).

I do have a release date in mind, but I’m worried if I announce it I’ll jinx it. Which is a pretty big difference to last year, when I announced my release date long before betas were recruited and I ultimately stressed my sanity until it died. It will come soon, I promise (so will ARCs, btw – any takers? 😉 ). I just want to be sure first that it’s doable. But watch October, friends.

~ Darkened Light ~

I’m SO excited to finally come back to this. Darkened Light has been resting ever since December (some of you might remember that it was a NaNo baby), and I’ve been dying to come back to my elven sorceress, my thief, my sacrifice, and my boy who likes to set stuff on fire. It’s a great group, you’ll see 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything about it – WoA has been so needy, friends; also, I have separation issues – so I thought I’d share the opening scene again. It’s had a rough (very rough) first edit now, but there’s lot of work left to do. I skimmed the first few pre-NaNo chapters yesterday and it’s in pretty bad shape :’) The post-NaNo chapters look so much better already, I just need to work my way through the beginnings to get there.

Pray for me, will you? :’) Cookies, cake, and tea are also appreciated.

I’ll be doing more sharing over the next few months (the cover is booked for early October!) and will hopefully get a first draft of a blurb written, too (blurbs are the devil, by the way. the. devil.) but for now, here’s the first few words of Darkened Light:

~ Excerpt ~

Naavah Ora stared into the soul of the Heart, and knew that it was dying. There was a presence here with her, and it slowly corrupted the world.

The red grass beneath her feet swayed in the windless breeze as always, the same breeze caressed her skin, but something wasn’t right. In the distance, she saw the city—a haven for all dead—bright and shining as ever, but still something wasn’t right.

It was the missing whisper on the wind. It was the missing laughter in their eyes. It was the slow hiss that carried over the meadow and into the sky, and turned her blood to ice.

And all she could do was watch as it slithered invisibly to the city at the heart of their haven, and turned the dead against them.

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Wardens of Archos Beta Squad, ASSEMBLE!

It’s time, friends!! Wardens of Archos needs you! *flails* *cries tears of fear*

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll have a month from the day you receive the draft to get your feedback to me. I will send out beta copies next week, probably around Wednesday or Thursday, so you’d have until August 17th. Roughly.
  • If you realise at any point that my book isn’t for you, you’re free to abandon ship.
  • If you realise at any point that you’ve taken on too much and you don’t have the time after all, you’re free to abandon ship.
  • If you abandon ship, please let me know so I don’t forever wonder what happened to you.
  • If you’ve never been a beta reader before, that’s fine – I promise to take good care of you <3
  • I’m looking for five, maybe seven, lovelies to join my loyal beta squad.

You don’t necessarily need to have read Rise of the Sparrows first, but please remember that this is a sequel, so having read Book 1 first can’t be a bad idea 🙂

When I send you your beta copy, you’ll also receive an email of instructions so you’ll know what to look for 🙂 If you want more information now, before committing to anything, you can find my blog post about what betas do here:

To volunteer, you can either leave a comment below, or you can send me a message (or reply to the corresponding post) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook 🙂

Now, volunteer away, my lovelies! <3

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Happy Birthday, Precious Book Baby!

A year ago today I self-published my debut novel Rise of the Sparrows. The support this past year has been incredible, and I’m deeply grateful to everyone who’s promoted and loved my book since then <3

Today, I have two things for you to celebrate 😉

The first is a discount – today only you can grab the eBook for 99p/99c! Go get it while it’s cheap if you have’t already! Or, if you already own it and enjoyed it, now’s the time to tell everyone you know to get it 😉 Buy it on or buy it on

The second is a shiny new cover and revised blurb! I’ll go into why I changed the blurb in the first place some other time. For now, here it is:

“As a homeless orphan, shunned for having the gift, Rachael knows how to survive. The visions of people dying are only hers to see. The shadows are her safety. When Cephy comes into her life, having a friend—a friend as feared by the villagers as Rachael—seems too good to be true.

And it is. Her visions are worse since Cephy came along, and Rachael’s gut feeling urges her to walk the other way. Alone.

When Cephy burns down her old home, the villagers respond with violence: they call on the White Guard to take Rachael and Cephy away for execution. Together they flee into a world they know nothing about. In the unknown awaits a Mist Woman, a prophecy, and a young rebel who sounds sincere –

but in Rachael’s experience, no one ever is. And how can she trust him when he believes in an ancient prophecy that seems to refer to her, and asks her to commit regicide so that people with the gift can be free?

Suddenly the cold shadows of Blackrock’s winter don’t seem so bad, and Rachael is torn between finally having food and warm shelter, and surviving on her own as she always has. The Sparrows—fighters of the resistance—believe in her because the prophecy names her. But can she be the leader they need when she can’t control her own magic?

Rachael knows the struggles the gifted endure all too well. Perhaps it’s time she stopped hiding, and fought back.”

Another big thank you to everyone who’s bought my book, took and shared pictures of my book, supported me, and recommended my book to friends and the internet over the last year <3 Your love means the world to me <3

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Wardens of Archos COVER & BLURB REVEAL!


EEP! The cover reveal is here!! AND I’ve got the blurb for you as well! 😀


*drum roll*

Once a despised street rat, now the reigning queen of Rifarne, Rachael is at the centre of everyone’s attention. All she wants is a few peaceful moments to herself—

but her kingdom has other plans.

The Tramuran ambassador unnerves her.

The Krymistian lady is hiding something.

A Mist Woman brings her a gift, and a warning: Aeron’s death has released the Dark One’s shades into the world. And Rachael, as the only living seer in existence, is the only one who can stop him before he destroys everything she’s beginning to cherish. But can Rachael trust the Mist Woman, or is Kaida just another sorceress playing with her life?

There’s a chance that answers are hidden beneath the ancient Krymistian ruins of Archos.

If only she could be sure that her nightmares of Cephy are just that, and not something darker…

Rachael is running out of time. The shadows are coming, and their claws are reaching for her.

I hope you love it as much as I do <3 Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m utterly in love with it <3

Thank you once again to Andrew and Rebecca from Design for Writers for creating this stunning over <3

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An Update on Wardens of Archos (There’s an Excerpt, Too!)

My, it’s been a while since I’ve last done a progress update! How have you been? 😀

As usual I’m trying to do a hundred things at once (or it feels like I am, anyway – if anyone knows how to contact Satan, let me know. I’m ready to sign that contract for more hours in my day now.) and to be honest I’m tired and I have no idea how people juggle a full-time day job, raising their children, writing, keeping their partners happy, and maintaining their house so it doesn’t fall apart. It’s sorcery, it must be. (They’ve probably signed that contract… So someone knows how to get in touch… Email. Me.)

What I’m currently trying to juggle are my edits on Wardens of Archos, my part-time day job, editing jobs (by the way, you can officially book me from July! Take a look here for more details.), keeping my cat and partner happy, and ignoring all the housework that needs doing but which I have no time to do. So, if you’re someone who balances everything perfectly without getting tired and/or stressed, please tell me how you do it. I wouldn’t mind some pointers :’)

My familiar is still very involved.

The edits on Wardens of Archos are going well. My editor is doing a developmental edit and guys. It’s gonna be good. I’m loving her suggestions and I’m loving how much it’s improved already. Two critique partners are going over it, too, and I’m doing my own edit at the same time. We’re cutting and adding in (almost) equal measures 😛 I’m adding all comments to my printed version and will apply all changes once I’ve finished going over it. Once that’s done I’ll be ready for betas 😉 However, there’s a lot to do and not much time to do it in, and I don’t want to rush it. I’m also trying not to feel bad about how long it’s taking, but I’d rather have a 3rd draft I’m happy with than one I’ve rushed through and missed a bunch of mistakes.

I’m currently hoping to publish it in August/September, but nobody hold me to that. (Or do, actually!)

By the time I get to Darkened Light it’ll have had a nice long break!

If you’ve signed up for my newsletter you might know that work on the cover for Wardens of Archos has begun! In theory I’ll have a cover reveal and the blurb for you in a few weeks 😉

So, to summarise, everything’s progressing nicely but slowly due to other commitments. I’m dying to see the cover, and I’ve already booked the next slot for the end of September, which is for Darkened Light.

Now, if you’d take a peek to the left, you should see this new shiny option:


You probably know that I’ve been blogging about world building and, more recently, beta reading. On this page you’ll be able to find all posts I’ve published already, in one handy list! That way, if you need specific information, you’ll be able to find it quickly 🙂 It also gives you an idea of what’s yet to come, and includes the collaborative posts I’ve hosted together with other authors.

And to finish off, as promised, here’s an excerpt 😉

“If we wanted to kill you,” said Yoko, “we’d have done so when you arrived.”

Reeve snorted. “You underestimate me, witch. I’m not so easy to kill.”


The lights in the room flickered, the smell of incense gone. Rachael blinked, and between two flickers of the candles Yoko moved right before him, her body encased in blue flames and a dagger at his throat. It drew the smallest sliver of blood.

You are on your guard, Sparrow, and yet I’ve managed to draw blood from your neck. All I had to do was blink.” Yoko stepped away from him, and turned around. Reeve caught himself the moment her back was turned, and threw a dagger at Yoko’s head. It stopped in mid air, halfway between them. “If I wanted you dead, Sparrow, you would have died.” Her smile was as beautiful as it was lethal. “Just think what I could have done had you closed your eyes for one more second.”

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The CookieBreak Newsletter is LIVE! And There’s Freebies!!

GUYS!! The CookieBreak newsletter is finally here! *swoons*

Why should you sign up? Because you’ll receive exclusive excerpts and giveaways, early cover reveals and release dates, and any other big news related to my books before they appear on this blog! In addition you’ll receive book recommendations which will help you grow as a writer, and you’ll be the first to hear about any new books I’ve got in the works. All this will happen on the last Friday of every month – or sooner, if a cover reveal demands it 😉

But wait, there’s more! 😀 Every subscriber will receive my novel project planner, which will guide you through plotting your WIP. I know a lot of us find plotting difficult, but hopefully my planner will make it a little easier on you 🙂 And for a limited time only, the first 100 people to sign up also get the first five chapters of Rise of the Sparrows FOR FREE! (that includes the prologue, so, really, you get six chapters)

You can subscribe here:

So sign up and spread the word! I’m excited to bring you news directly to your inbox <3

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#FictFBFeb17 Days 25-28 & Progress Update (incl. excerpt!)

Can you believe it’s March already? I have so many exciting things to share with you next month, and a lot of prep work to do before then, so I’ll keep this short. Relatively speaking 🙂 I’ve got the final four days of #FictFBFeb17 for you, I’ve got news on how my own edits on Wardens on Archos are progressing, I’ve got news on my newsletter, and I’ve got a short excerpt for you! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted one, so I figured it was about time 🙂

~ #FictFBFeb17 ~

Fictional Flashback February is the hashtag created by my sister in spirit Faith Rivens, who blogs over here – check it out if you’re after great writing tips and even better writing! Using this hashtag to introduce our characters was a really fun thing to do, and I’m looking forward to the next one in May <3 This time I posted on Twitter as well as Instagram, which needed graphics to go with the brief insights. I’m not sure if I’ll use both again since creating the graphics takes time every morning, but I’ll definitely join in again on Twitter!

Thank you, Faith, for a great way of introducing our characters <3

Day 25Fifty

Day 26Fulfil

Day 27Future

Day 28Finish

~ Wardens of Archos ~

Exciting news, everyone! I passed the half-way mark in the first edit! Next week I’m hoping to reach page 90, and then I’ll be asking for beta readers before you know it … But more on that nearer the time 🙂 After how difficult this first edit has been I’m dying to print the whole thing and go over it with my red pen and highlighters, tea on standby. My editor lady will do a developmental edit at the same time, too, which is something I didn’t do with Rise of the Sparrows. By the time it reaches my betas it should be in pretty neat condition!

~ Newsletter – Coming soon! ~

At the beginning of January I went over my plans for this year. Setting up a newsletter was one of them, and it’s now very nearly done! Next week it’ll be ready to go, and I’ll be able to tell you more about what benefits the newsletter would give you exactly. For now, think exclusive early access to cover reveals, giveaways, release dates – but I’m getting carried away. More next week 😉

~ Short Excerpt ~

It’s been a while since I posted an excerpt! As I’m editing I’m marking sections which will hopefully give you an insight into the second book without giving away any spoilers. I’ve got a couple more marked which I’ll post soon, too 🙂

For now, have this brief excerpt:

Rachael raised a weak hand to her cheek, and felt along the smooth cut the assassin had left. Kiana believed it would scar. Did she mind? A scar was proof that she had fought and survived. She wasn’t ashamed of it, and she didn’t want to hide it. She had earned that scar fighting for her life and defending a friend. It was proof that she was stronger now than she had been a year ago. It was proof that she wouldn’t be killed so easily.

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#FictFBFeb17 Days 11-24

Welcome to an extra large version of Fictional Flashback February! I couldn’t post last week because my old blog was moving to this shiny new self-hosted server, so this week I’ve got two week’s worth of character insights 😉

Next week I’ll have a few bits of news regarding Wardens of Archos and my newsletter, too, so keep an eye out for that <3

Onto #FictFBFeb17! To remind you – the two characters I chose to introduce this month are Doran and Naavah Ora. Both are from my WIP Darkened Light, which will be out later this year (after Wardens of Archos). The challenge was created by my sister in spirit and talented writer Faith Rivens, who blogs over here. I recommend checking out her blog and her amazing book if you haven’t already ^-^

Day 11Found

Day 12Four

Day 13Fragile

Day 14Forever

Day 15Familiar

Day 16Forward

Day 17 Feel

Day 18Fringe

Day 19Fling

Day 20Fever

Day 21Follow

Day 22Flop

Day 23Flinch

Day 24Frozen

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#FictFBFeb17 Days 4-10


Happy Friday, friends!

I hoped to have better (edit related) news for you by today but it’s still going slowly. Since I’m doing my editing course at the same time, the day job is still a thing and no one’s found a way for my house to clean itself yet I’m trying to remember to take breaks where needed and not burn out. If you have a full time job, successful writing career, a happy husband, and children to raise without your house falling into terrible disrepair, I salute you and bow to you. (at the same time!)

But there’s one thing I can give you, and that’s the first full week of Fictional Flashback February! #FictFBFeb17 is a hashtag created by my sister and awesome writing buddy Faith Rivens, and it’s a wonderful way for us to introduce our characters on Instagram and Twitter to you! (and it’s definitely not too late to join in if you want to give it a go!)

Both of my chosen babies this month come from my WIP Darkened Light. Enjoy 🙂

Day 4Fix



Day 5Fair



Day 6Fade



Day 7 Finally



Day 8Freedom



Day 9 Fear



Day 10Friendship



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Progress Update & FictFBFeb17 Days 1-3


It’s been a while since I’ve last done a proper progress update, so I figured it’s about time I update you on how things are going! 🙂

Darkened Light is still resting. I’ll start the edit as soon as Wardens of Archos is with my beta readers – which, you may remember, I thought would happen some time this month. Due to the heavy amount of editing Wardens of Archos needs (it’s never a good sign when you write the first draft and keep thinking ‘It’s fine, I’ll fix it in the edit’) I’ve had to push that date back, but still hope to have a beta version ready for you in late March/early April 🙂 It’s a bit later than I wanted it to be, but I don’t want to rush things. If my edit takes longer, it takes longer. No pressure.


But what’s taking so long? Well, I’m rewriting a lot of chapters from a different POV. I’ve added another POV altogether, so now you’ll get chapters from Rachael, Cale, Kiana, Kaida, Reeve, and Arnost Lis 😉 Rachael continues to take most of them, but I’d like to think that the others add a lot of additional value, too.

Essentially, there’s a lot of development going on across all areas. Hopefully this means that my next edit (printed out, red pen in hand (and my familiar nibbling on said pen, if my last paper edit taught me anything)) will be a lot smoother, but I don’t want to jinx it 😛

I don’t know why I’ve gotten it stuck in my head that I need to release Book 2 around the same time as Book 1 last year, but I’m trying not to stress over it. It’s not realistic to get it done before May 23rd and I’m reminding myself that that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot since Rise of the Sparrows and all that is flowing into Wardens of Archos, so it only makes sense that it takes longer.


~ #FictFBFeb17 ~

The talented Faith and my sister in spirit – who blogs over at aliasfaithrivens (visit her blog if you haven’t already!) – has created her own Twitter and Instagram tag called Fictional Flashback February, and it’s a wonderful way for our characters to introduce themselves to you! This month I’m focusing on Doran and Naavah Ora from Darkened Light. They are two very different characters and I’m really excited to show them off! <3

Here are the first three days of the tag:

Day 1 Introduce your character



Day 2 First



Day 3Fire



If you’re a writer at any stage in your WIP, I urge you to join us on Twitter, or Instagram, or both! It really is a wonderful tag <3 More next week!

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