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My progress updates will keep you informed of new WIPs, release dates, cover reveals, and all other news regarding my books. If you’re looking forward to my future releases, you’re in the right place!

February Goals

Before we dive in, I wanted to thank everyone who made me feel special last week Friday. I’ve had a great birthday, got spoiled, and really felt the love <3 The birthday promo is the most successful one I’ve ever done, so thank you to everyone who downloaded my books and celebrated with me <3 Happy reading! <3 <3

But enough with the cheese!* Let’s take a look at all the things mad little me hopes to get done this month**:

*now there’s something you’ll never hear me say again! #cheeseislife
**somebody stop me. or pour tea.

CookieBreak Copy  I meant to get a logo designed when I first registered my business last July, but it seemed excessive at the time*. Now, however, I’ve branched out into freelance self-pub writing, and I kinda really need a logo if I want to look professional. Which I do.

I’m booked in for this month and hopefully I’ll have something to show off very soon! February will be a month of show & tell, just you read on…

Darkened Light – While I’m not as far into my edits as I hoped to be, I’ll be able to share the map soon! Not just my terrible sketch, either, but the nicely designed one. Judging by my previous maps, it’ll be epic. Just. You. Wait!

If you want to be one of the first people to see it, be sure to sign up to my newsletter to get the scoop early 😉

I’m also going to edit the bloody daylights out of this. Once my first draft of Blood of the Dragon is done and proofing, all my spare time will go to Darkened Light. My red pen is ready**.

*given that it was just my name at the time… I only named it CookieBreak Copy a few weeks ago.
**actually, it’s dying #saddays

Blood of the Dragon – I’m so close to finishing the first draft! Which is thrilling and terrifying. I love finishing first drafts, but I’ll finish a whole trilogy this time.

My first trilogy.


I am excited to let it rest and focus more on Darkened Light edits, so the excitement is definitely the winning emotion here.

Anthology – I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write my contribution, but I want to outline it at least. I finally know where I’m going with it, and it’ll be nice to have something more than scribbles.

Relics of Ar’Zac prequel – I’ve accumulated a lot of notes for the prequel while writing Blood of the Dragon, and I think it’s about time I put them all together into their own folder and start plotting!

I haven’t written a novella before, so this’ll be exciting on several levels. Any wisdom you can share would be welcome <3

All that I Can Be – Once the last chapter is written (sometime next week, probably) I’ll type everything up so I can proofread it. My respect to people who write whole books by hand. HOW THE FUDGE DOESN’T YOUR HAND PERMA-CRAMP

I’m happy with how it turned out, but it’ll be much easier to tell once I’ve made my handwriting legible :’)

Darkened Light Anthology – grr, I still don’t know what to call this… I won’t actually write any words for a couple of months yet, but I want to take some notes at least. I’ve got a few legends and myths from the Darkened Light universe in mind, but want a better idea of how many I’ll have.

They’ll most likely be written in a dark-fairy-tale-kind-of-style, but that’s about all I know at this point.

Workbook – I want to finish the first draft of my newsletter exclusive workbook so I can help you self-publish your debut novel sooner rather than later! I’ll be looking for beta readers before long, so keep an eye out if you’re interested 😉

It’s like I’m not aware February is too short for all this *cries tea** I’m a little dizzy because of how much I’ve got planned (would you believe one of my New Year’s resolutions was to give myself less to do so I stress less?) but I’m also confident I’ve got this. It’s not as bad as it looks…

But then I remember that February only has 28 days and, I mean…the pressure is on.

*Yes, my tears are made of tea these days.

What are your goals this month? Make a tea, get a cookie, and let’s talk!

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All gifs came from Giphy.

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Aaaand January is Over (Also, my Birthday is TODAY so Have Goodies!)

Happy Friday, friends and Sparrows!

Can you believe January is already coming to an end? :O Before I dive into my progress this month, let me share some treats with you <3

It’s my birthday TODAY*, and that means YOU benefit**! Today only, both of my books will be free on Amazon. If you miss your chance to get them for free, you can still get them at a reduced 99c/p tomorrow and Sunday. On Monday, they’ll go back to being full price, but right now you should celebrate with me and treat yourself!

*in case you didn’t know from the title
**that’s how it works, right? I have a birthday, so you get presents?

Here you go, I brought links and everything:

Get the goodies!

Get more goodies!

Now, onto my updates! Truth be told, I’m a little amazed at how much I’ve achieved this month. Let’s hope it sets the bar for the rest of the year rather than tire me out early.* This week especially has been strong. I’m determined to finish the first draft of Blood of the Dragon by the end of February**. Just look at Wednesday’s word count:


Oh, right, haha, I burnt out and was dying of flu, fun times
*Why yes, I do take donations in tea! THANK YOU
**I told Instagram I would, so I kinda have to now or else the bookworms will eat me

I’ve copied all Darkened Light feedback from my critique partners into my printed draft, and my editor’s first feedback is looking good. She assured me she’ll finish the developmental edit by the end of February, so I’ll push myself to get my part done, too. I’m finding this edit oddly easy, so I’m probably doing it wrong.

The map is going to be designed next month, so remember to sign up for my newsletter so you get it before everyone else 😉

But, even more exciting, THE HALFWAY POINT OF BLOOD OF THE DRAGON HAS BEEN BREACHED! I told you today was one for celebrations 😀 One out of three deaths have happened, and my characters apparently have bigger issues because they scream at me about small, inconsequential things instead. So, yes, we’re getting along fine. I’m enjoying myself.

OH, also, I booked my cover designer for August/September yesterday! Nothing like a deadline to make me type/edit like someone’s holding a gun to my head!

I’ve almost finished the draft of All that I Can Be and am still on track to finish it by the end of this month. In February I’ll type it up, and then I’ll just need to proofread and share it with you in March! FUN TIMES

Honestly, I’m not sure if I should give you updates on the Super Secret WIP or not. I’ll take my time writing it so it can grow all by itself like a delicious kiwi in its natural habitat, and just write down any notes that pop up while I do other things. I can’t give you any details because for the most part, I’ve got nothing.

I’ve got a crude map. There’ll be two main characters – a guy who’s just lost the love of his life and hates everything and everyone*, and an elf who’s his opposite in every way and winds him up like nothing else can. They don’t have names or ages or hopes and dreams right now, but I love them already. I don’t know them, but GAWD I love them.

The world is coming along all right, too, so that’s nice.

BUT, there’s one thing I can give you. A working title**😉 Until I decide otherwise, let’s call it THE SILENCE OF MAGIC. I’ve a feeling it’s here to stay, I’m kinda enamoured with it. But until I stop being an indecisive kitten, let’s pretend it’s temporary and prepare for the most boring title reveal ever***.

You’ll have to let me know if you’d like monthly updates or if you’d rather I didn’t bother since I haven’t got much. Until you say otherwise, I’ll include it in my monthly updates.

CookieBreak has had a couple of changes, too! On the Welcome page, you can now find a better summary of everything I do here, and I’ve re-written my About Me page with added updates on my WIPs and my current reads 🙂 The latter still needs work, truth be told.

*he’s based on me, clearly
**since I suck at keeping secrets and can’t call it super secret anymore
***Now watch as I change my mind tomorrow.

This month has been so busy, I’ve probably forgotten something. You’d think I’d be better at taking notes, given my obsession with stationery.

But enough about me, the birthday girl*! How has your month been? Have you achieved what you hoped, or has it been a difficult one? Make a tea, get a cookie, and let’s chat!

*have you treated yourself yet?

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2018 Goals AND January Goals!



How are you? I hope you had a wonderful break and a chance to relax and recover* from the rather long year that’s now behind us.** Because, friends and familiars, this year is going to be busy! I’m going to break this up a little more than usually so you can skip the parts you don’t care about, if any.

*And cake. I hope you had cake.
**Thank God that’s over, am I right? I don’t know about you, but a small part of me is still traumatised tired.

Darkened Light is my priority. My critique partners have sent their feedback to me and it’s looking good! My editor is now doing the developmental edit and I’ve started reading over it again, too, so the countdown is on!*

Critique Partner feedback on Darkened Light <3

Blood of the Dragon and the trilogy prequel will be published later this year close to each other. I’m not sure what’s best – should I publish Book 3 first, or the prequel novella? It makes sense to publish Blood of the Dragon first, especially because the novella will work as a standalone, too. BUT the prequel novella MIGHT** add an extra sense of dark foreboding.

What would you prefer? Book 3 first, or novella first? They will likely be published within a month of each other, so you won’t have long to wait either way 😉

*Not really, though, since I haven’t set a date.
**Not committing to anything since I haven’t even outlined the thing *ahem*

I’ll write as much as I can of Blood of the Dragon since NaNo didn’t really happen for me*, and then I’ll just need to type the last words next month and the first draft will be done! And then I’ll have written an entire trilogy!

Once that’s done, I can focus on writing the prequel novella. There’s a lot of history I can’t explain in the trilogy without creating paradoxes, so a prequel it is! More on that in a month or two 😉

So, what else is in the works? Quite a bit, actually. Once the draft for the prequel is resting and I’ve begun edits on Blood of the Dragon, there’s a trilogy of novellas I want to write, a sort-of-prequel to Darkened Light, and then there’s NaNo. And the anthology I’m part of. AND the weekly serial coming to this blog in March. Oh, right, and NaNo**. Mustn’t forget about NaNo.

Here’s a bit more info, in case you were wondering:

Trilogy of novellas – These will be set in Midoka and possibly Krymistis, because I don’t know when to say goodbye apparently. I thought it was a shame that I’d created this world and my favourite corners were largely unexplored by my characters, so I’m writing three dark very dark novellas. Which probably won’t have a happy ending, but we’ll see.

They will be set after the events of the trilogy and explore dark areas of magic.

Darkened Light prequel-anthology-thing – I’m still kinda undecided about this one, to be honest. It’s not a prequel as much as it’s an anthology of stories from the world Darkened Light is set in. I’ve done more world building on Darkened Light than I’ve done before, and naturally most of that work doesn’t find its way into the duology. ’tis the way of things, my dears.

It will work as a standalone and tell magical stories from the different countries in Darkened Light. Some of these will be influenced by myths and urban legends, while others will be completely made up.

New Year, New Desk, New Workspace

Anthology – I’m part of an actual co-authored anthology, too! There are 14 of us, and we’ll all be contributing re-tellings of dark fairy tales, urban legends, and myths. It’s all extremely exciting 😉 No name has been chosen yet, but you can already take a look at my Pinterest board 😉

I’ll talk more about it later this year so I don’t overwhelm this post with info. It’s long enough as it is (my apologies).

All that I Can Be – I’ve already mentioned this a few times here and there, but this small weekly fictional series is going to take over from my bi-weekly writing prompts on Monday. You can peek at the Pinterest board for this one, too 😉

I’ll go into more detail soon, but for now let’s just say it’s about a girl who struggles with her confidence and love and makes a deal with the devil to be better at life.

NaNoWriMo – I know this is early, but I’m hoping if I start thinking about it now I’ll know what I’m doing by the time NaNo comes around. The logical thing to do would be to write Book 2 of the Darkened Light duology (which I named in the same breath as Darkened Light, by the way, and the tension is breaking me), BUT I barely withstood temptation last year and set The End of Stars*** aside AGAIN to write Blood of the Dragon. So, I’m torn this year. And wondering whether I can make it through NaNo with two WIPs on the go. Has anyone done this? Or did you try it and die and are talking to me as a zombie now? Because that seems more probable to me.

As I said, I need time to decide which one to write, if not both. Also, this is a post about my publishing and writing goals this year and NaNo happens this year, so here we are.

Now, let’s move on to–Oh, wait… There’s one more…

Just, you’d bring me tea because you know I don’t like coffee.

Super Secret WIP**** – This SSWIP snuck up on me over Christmas. I’d promised myself and my SO that I wouldn’t do any work, and technically I didn’t. I didn’t do any actual writing. I just drew a map, and then the info started filling itself in and wow, suddenly I had a blurb AND a possible title and both just kinda happened and when the muse sings this loud, friends, you have to listen. Do you have any idea how terrible I am at writing blurbs and naming things? IT’S A SIGN.

I’m sad that Paperchase can’t deliver my notebook and refunded me, so I guess I’ll have to go notebook hunting at some point.*****

There, now we’re done.

*cries into ice cream cake*
**The November one, so that’s ages away and I probably don’t need to panic about this already but I like to have a plan.
*** For those of you who are new here or didn’t realise I changed the name – this used to be Immortals (temp. title), my sci-fi WIP which I started a while ago and hit a wall pretty much right away. It’s based on this little short of mine.
****except I just told all of you it’s happening… *fails at secrecy*
*****Oh woe is me

There are a few tiny changes coming to Cookie Break this year. Nothing like that last monster list, though, so no worries.

The Welcome page – my static front page will undergo a small makeover to better reflect everything I do here. Right now, it’s got the cover, buy links, and Goodreads reviews of my latest release, but I do a lot more on this blog than publish books*. Like reviews. And talking about books. And writing. And admiring other authors’ books.

Monthly updates – On the first Friday of every month, I’ll share my goals for the month ahead with you. Don’t worry, they won’t all be as long as this one. It’s just that it’s January so my goals for the whole year are here, too. Also, on the last Friday of every month, I’ll share progress updates with you so you can all see how I’m struggling along doing.

CookieBreak Copy – Late last year, I founded CookieBreak Copy. You can now hire me as a freelance creative writer for your blog and/or business, or as your editor (and thank you to those of you who have. I love you.) Since both sides of the business deal with copy, the title fits both beautifully. My wonderful author buddy Anna B. Madrise is also a designer and has agreed to design my new shiny logo, so keep an eye out for that next month <3

*This is a big shock to all of us, I’m sure. My apologies. I’ve said on many occasions that I shouldn’t be allowed out unless I’ve had tea but Larry, God of Mischief and Biscuits, had other ideas, clearly. Blame Larry. Definitely his fault.

I’ve set the quite possibly mad goal of 45 books as my Goodreads reading challenge. I read a little more than that last year, but a couple of things are different this year. In December, I took a new position at my library, so while I’m not changing the place of my day job and while the role itself doesn’t change an awful lot, either, the hours have changed. I normally read on my lunch breaks and, as you’re about to see, I won’t have as many of those.


My new role is term-time only, meaning I have Easter, the summer, and Christmas off to work on my WIPs and grow my businesses. While I’ll do both the rest of the year, too, that extra free time is going to be a massive help. It also means that I get paid a fair chunk less, so business growth is going to be a priority because not having any money (and being the girl who pays the bills right now) is no fun. It’ll also be a good indicator of whether I can work as an author, writer, and editor full-time or whether it’ll drive me insane, so send tea and cookies. Or let’s meet for lunch. I’m definitely up for a catch-up over lunch.

It’s going to be stressful, but the new day job/author ratio is exciting and I couldn’t say no. I’m definitely not ready to quit the day job altogether, but I feel like I’ve taken a step in the right direction.

On that note, if you need an editor or someone to write posts about the beautiful craft of writing for you, get in touch <3

But that’s enough from me*! What are your goals for this year? Any new books on the horizon with your name on them I should know about? Make a tea, get a cookie, and tell me your plans!

*I can hear your relieved sighs…

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Happy New Year, Friends and Sparrows!

(Is anyone else way too excited that this year starts on a Monday? It’s gonna be great, I can tell already)

I’m just popping in briefly to wish you all a Happy New Year <3

I hope you’ve had a relaxing break, actually took a break instead of working through the holidays, and are feeling energised and up for whatever this year may bring <3

I’ll be back on Friday with my goals for this year, my goals for this month, my proposed publishing plans, and a few changes I’m going to make to CookieBreak. Right now, enjoy your first few days in 2018 🙂

A wonderful start to you, friends, familiars, and Sparrows!

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Bookish Progress Updates, End-of-Year Giveaway, & Cheap Books

Goodness me, it’s been a year, friends! I always feel like I’m not doing enough–like I‘m not good enough–and I’m sure many of you know what that feels like.

I also know it’s nonsense. I’ve done and achieved loads this year, and I’m grateful to have a chance to reflect on what I’ve done. It’s hard to see how well you’re really doing when you’re still in the chaotic middle of things! Taking better care of myself, physically and mentally, is one of my new year’s resolutions, but why not start today?

So, what have I achieved this year?*

I published Wardens of Archos.

I edited Darkened Light and sent it to critique partners and my editor.

I took a course on editing and proofreading, and became a qualified editor.

I registered as self-employed.

I started a business and have happy editing clients.

I started a freelance writing business last month which I intend to grow next year.

I got a new part-time job.

I set up my newsletter and my Sparrow Review Team.

I moved CookieBreak from WordPress to a self-hosted server and gave it a huge make-over.

Definitely no reason to feel like I haven’t done enough, right? Chances are, you’re feeling the same thing. It’s common among creative freelancers, like indie authors or freelance writers. So, let me tell you now:

You’re doing enough. You’re doing great. You’ve earned a break this Christmas.

Look after yourself, my dears. Burn-out is a bitch.

You don’t need to tell me in the comments below, but make that list for yourself and take a look at how much you’ve achieved this year. Shut up that critical part of you that’s constantly nagging you to do better even though you’re exhausted!

* I’m not doing this to show off. I’m doing it to shut up the super critical part of me that’s never happy with my efforts. Take that, super critical part of me! *shakes fist*

Due to me rushing around these past two weeks to set everything up so I can actually enjoy my break (17 days of lazy bliss, friends! *sighs*), I haven’t made much more progress on Blood of the Dragon. Here’s where things have been happening:

Darkened Light is with my editor and critique partners, and their feedback is good! If you want a little more than that, take a look at the Author Hop Giveaway below 😉

I’ve been starting to write All that I Can Be, the weekly fiction serial that’s going to take over from the bi-weekly A-Z Name Prompts. I’ll give you all the details next year so you know what’s coming, but if you’re curious now feel free to check out its Pinterest board 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m fortunate to be one of the authors in an anthology of fairy tale retellings, urban legends, and myths. I’ve been plotting my short contribution and things are coming together. It’s early days for all of us, but if you’re curious, there’s a Pinterest board for that, too 😉

And that’s just two weeks’ worth, and not including the work I’ve done on my businesses!Soooo, next year is going to be busy 🙂

But let’s move on to cheap books and giveaways, yes? 😉 You know that’s why you’re really here *ahem*

*Take that, super critical voice in my head!

This giveaway is on Instagram only. Be sure you follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss it!

I will pick THREE winners because I’m feeling generous this season 🙂 I’ll be giving away e-copies of Rise of the Sparrows AND Wardens of Archos, as well as an early first-ten-chapters preview of Darkened Light. Normally, you’d need to be on my Review Team to get the latter, but it’s Christmas so I’m giving up the goodies 😉

Moreover, I’m not the only author giving away her books. There are 17 of us, so there’s a good chance you’ll win something 🙂 Do pop over and have a look!

I’m really excited about this promotion. The last one I did was free books, and it’s grown my review team as well as my readership more than anything else I’ve tried to date. I can’t wait to see how this promo with cheap books rather than free books is going to compare.

Next year, I’ll share my results with you so you can see if this might work for you and your books, too 🙂 I’ve been meaning to write a post about marketing, anyway.

If you haven’t bought your copy of Rise of the Sparrows yet, here are the links:

If you like what you’re seeing in this promo, feel free to share it and spread the word! Last time I checked, over 70 authors were included, so there’s plenty of choice 🙂

I might have a third promotion to share with you as well (for Wardens of Archos this time), but I won’t know whether I’ve been approved for it or not until the 20th. I won’t blog over the holidays but I’ll share it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter if I’m in, so be sure to keep an eye on my accounts 🙂 There’ll also be a newsletter if Wardens is included, so feel free to sign up for that instead 🙂

What have you been up to this year? Have you achieved your goals? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Life happens. Other things come up. You’ve done beautifully even with one or two failed goals <3

Since this is my last post of 2017, allow me to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a great start to 2018 <3

You’re welcome to join me for a bit of annual reflection and a chat over tea and cookies in the comments 🙂 Make yourself comfortable and let’s talk!

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week 5

Happy December, friends! NaNoWriMo is officially OVER! We can breathe again! 😀

After a quiet two weeks with no words written, I’m happy to say that my cold is finally OVER like NaNo, and I finally got some words written :’) It’s not much, but after the last two weeks having my energy eaten by a starving flu it feels huge. And I was able to add something I cut from Book 2. I didn’t want to add it during NaNo since I hadn’t written it during NaNo, but November is over, so all’s fair game 😀 This week’s wordcount is 1254 (without the bit I cut from Book 2), which brings the new total to



I know it’s not much–I definitely can’t claim the NaNo crown this year–but it’s something, and given that I’ve also set up a business this month and was sick for half of it, I’m pretty pleased with my progress.

How did you do? Did you leave me in the dust with your WIP, or are you trailing behind alongside me? Don’t worry if you didn’t ‘win’ NaNo. Any progress is progress, friends, or as a friend said to me only yesterday: Words are words are words. Celebrate the words you didn’t have a month ago, treat yo’selves, and then get back in that chair, that novel won’t write itself.*

Here’s the last character aesthetic and excerpt for the year. I’ve got one more progress update for you in a couple of weeks, and then that’s it until January.**

Happy writing, friends and familiars!

* Seriously, though, well done.
** Is anyone else struggling with that?? I still haven’t accepted that April is over so how can it be December?!?

   A world without the gift would no doubt be more peaceful, and more at ease. But would it be right? The gift could create marvels. It could take them away again in the same breath and leave the world a darker place in the wake of its destruction. It was gentle mother and cruel devil all at once.
   He had hoped that seeing Rachael and others with the gift would make up his mind once and for all, but it had only fed the same thoughts he’d had all his life.
   Give a man magic, and he will taint the world. Give him a sword, and he will defend himself and do good work. His father had taught him that—him, and half of Tramura. But was a sword that different? It wasn’t the first time he had wondered, but it was the first time he had long enough to truly ponder the notion. His father had always kept him busy—a busy man is an honest man—but perhaps that had been part of his plan.
   A sword could do good if given to honest soldiers, who had vowed to protect their country. But he’d also fought bandits who hurt people, robbed them and raped them, and who believed to be no less righteous than he did. If something as simple as a sword could be used either way, depending on the person wielding it, then was magic, the ultimately more powerful weapon, not the same? His father wanted the world to be simple. Kleon didn’t think it was.

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week 4

I’m sad to report that I have nothing to report -.- So, really, this update is pointless :O

I’m one week into what’s apparently a three-week cold, and it’s been eating my motivation and energy like candy! Definitely didn’t see that coming when I prepared for NaNo. I’ve been doing smaller things I could do from the sofa wrapped in a warm blanket, like developing my business strategy, freaking out over said business strategy, and structuring the weekly fiction serial I’ve got for you next year. Sounds full-on maybe, but I’m finding it easier to take notes on paper at the moment than to sit at my computer for 90 minutes to two hours every day.

So, there’s no word count 🙁

Don’t worry, though, I’ve still got character aesthetics and a 1st-draft excerpt 🙂 It’s a big one, to make up for the failed word count 😛

   There was enough room between the bars for a prisoner to stick their arms through. The Parashi had told Reeve to stay far away from the cell because of it. If Ludo wanted, he could have reached through and choked Reeve, taken the keys or his lockpicks around his belt, and made a run for it. But instead he just sat there like a kicked puppy desperate for forgiveness but knowing it had lost the right to beg for it.
   Reeve hated this position. He hated how it made Ludo feel. He hated how indecisive it made him. If Ludo was any other criminal he’d hang. Sparrows didn’t take chances with their regent’s life, but Ludo wasn’t any criminal. Reeve wasn’t convinced he was a criminal in any sense of the word.
   “Ludo. Answer me.” He’d get the truth out of him sooner or later. Without resorting to torture. “Bezcyn.” He hoped Ludo didn’t hear. He hated and loved how Ludo had made him feel. What was it Ludo had said as Reeve had arrested him? Everything he’d said to Reeve had been real.
   But was that just another lie? Reeve balled one hand into a fist and rammed it into the wall next to Ludo’s cell.
   “Ludo, I asked you a question.”
   “Does it make a difference? I’m not an idiot, Reeve. I know what my sentence will be.”
   “I’m here to change that sentence, you big idiot.”
   “Reeve, please…”
   “I mean it.” He turned around, shocked at how exhausted Ludo looked in the right light. “If you don’t say anything you’ll hang, but if you tell me the truth you could live. Rachael is sure you’re innocent.”
   “And how about you?” Ludo’s voice cracked from a lack of water, and he coughed. “What do you believe?”
   Reeve took the jug of water he’d been given, and sought the right key. He’d never even consider this with any criminal. But just this once, he agreed with Rachael.
   And he couldn’t stand the distance between them any more.
   He opened the lock, careful not to spill any water. Ludo watched from his place on the floor.
   “Aren’t you worried I’ll jump you?”
   Reeve forced a smile. Maybe humour was the way to go. He regretted never having been better at it. “You’ve gone awfully far just to tackle me to the ground.”
   He hated how much Ludo’s smile warmed him. “You know I’ll stop at nothing to impress you. It’s not constellations, but I hear physical proximity can be just as good.”
   Reeve handed him the jug. “Drink up.” He sat down next to Ludo and waited until the Tramuran had stopped drinking. “I believe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever happened, they got the wrong man.”
   Ludo met his eyes, so blue and so hopeful Reeve almost couldn’t bare not to hold him. Almost. “You really believe that?”
   He nodded. So Ludo had lied about not being a spy. Or had he? All Reeve could remember was Ludo swearing he hated Arnost Lis as much as anyone, and their talks under the moon.

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week 3

Happy Friday, friends!

How are your NaNo babies coming along? Aren’t they just growing up so fast? :O

My first two weeks were a little slow, but I’ve caught up this week! *pours a shaky cup of tea* This week, I wrote 11,048 words.

That brings the total to:



Honestly, though, I’m a little worried that we’re over halfway through NaNo now and I’m only just at the halfway point word count wise. I’m starting to accept that I might not make it this year. I’m trying to build my business alongside writing all the words, so most days it’s a delicate balance struggle. What’s more important? Writing half of a first draft or finding clients so I don’t stay broke? You get why I’m torn.

So, if I don’t write another 25K in the next two weeks, I won’t be too hard on myself.

I know this word count is a big priority for many of us this month, but don’t forget to look after yourselves, too <3

    “It’s time, Sparrows. You all know what we’re walking into, and you all know why we’re doing it. The queen needs our help, and we’re her private army. It’s our duty to keep her safe, no matter the odds. Rachael’s safety is our priority.” He swallowed hard. He wasn’t prepared to lose any more of his family. “But that doesn’t mean you can be reckless. You can’t help Rachael if you’re dead, so I expect you to be smart and stay as safe as the situation allows. If you have to fight, give it everything you’ve got but don’t get killed while you’re at it. These demons aren’t like you and me, and they don’t die like you and me. Hold out your weapons.”

   While all of them had their weapons enchanted, it couldn’t hurt to strengthen the magic that ran through them. If the enchantment wore off—if that was even possible—he didn’t want it to happen while they were fighting for their lives.
   Kaida stepped forward, and made each weapon glow in turn until hungry flames burst from each of them. Their fires burnt hot for a second, then slowly died down to allow the Sparrows to sheathe their weapons.
   “You are my family. Rachael may be our queen, but she has made herself a part of that family, too. Protect her because she is your ruler. Fight beside her because she is your sister. The enemy is fast, but we’ll be faster. The demons are linked through dark mist magic, but we are linked by a connection they will never understand. When we get to Kaethe we will show them what happens when they take our queen from us. When we get to Kaethe, we will make them regret taking our sister. For Rachael!”

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week 2

Happy Friday, friends!

How are your WIPs coming along? Have you all got through the first full week of NaNo madness okay? <3

My week has been slow, BUT there’s a good reason for that. I wanted to focus on finishing the first monster edit on Darkened Light which is now done and printed (until I ran out of paper anyway) and with my critique partners. Now that’s out of the way, I can give NaNo hell next week! And I still wrote 9193 words this week anyway, so suck on that, NaNo 😀

The total word count now stands at


Nowhere near what I hoped to have by now, but progress is progress and I’m over 10K into Book 3! Who cares if it’s not as much as I wanted? I’ve done good, and so have you, NaNonites <3

   She lay on a cold stone table, wrists spread to opposite sites and bound to cool hooks above her head, legs tied up in the same way below her.
   She took one deep breath in, let one deep breath out. Repeated the process. Her heart was still hammering.
   She thought of her mother’s arms, the way she’d smelled of roses, and closed her eyes until she could feel her mother’s comforting embrace. Her mind still raced.
   She focused on the spot on her hips where her daggers usually sat, tried so hard to feel them now, but nothing was there. Terror still gripped her.
   Fear threatened to overpower her again. Her stomach constricted, her throat tightened, and her eyes burnt when wave after wave of horror washed over her and made her sob.
   She had never felt so pathetic. When her father had beaten her mother, she had been free to help.
   When her father had beaten her until she couldn’t see through the pain, she had been able to kick out.
   When she had gone back to Grozma years later, daggers comforting by her sides and her step sure, she had been able to repay him for all the times he had made his mother regret marrying him.
   But now she had nothing, and it terrified her more than anything else could.

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report Week 1

Can you believe Week 1 of NaNoWriMo is over already? How are you getting on, NaNonites? 🙂 Every week I’ll share my progress on Friday, and I’ll include a character aesthetic and a quote each time, too, so feel free to join in and compare word counts! After we’ve prepared together, I’d love to know how you’re getting on <3

These updates will be short, because it’s NaNo and I don’t want to keep you.

I’ve had a slow start to the challenge. I wasn’t well yesterday which set me back already, and it’s only Day 3! Trust me to get sick during the most inconvenient month of the year #rude

This week, I wrote 5019 words, which brings my current total to…..



It is Week 1, after all 🙂

   Hope bubbled up inside her. She took deep breaths, closed her eyes, and willed her vision to come forth. She could feel it, right there, trapped just like she was, struggling to break through. She reached into herself just like Ailis had taught her, reached out to the source of her gift, found that sliver she’d so desperately needed, and tried to guide it.
   Pressure built up inside her head until it felt ready to burst. It hurt. But she was close. She guided her gift where it needed to go, held onto it as tight as she could, and forced it into her head.
   Light exploded in her mind and filled her prison. Intense pain cracked through her skull and gripped her mind so tight she couldn’t breathe. A thin line of blood ran down her nose, dried on her lips.
   Rachael gasped. And passed out.

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