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Welcome, Friends and Familiars!

I’m so happy you found your way to my humble little blog. You’ll find updates on my books, writing resources, and other exciting things here. Take a look at my three latest posts to get you started:

Blurb & Cover Reveal: BLOOD OF THE DRAGON

How My Bullet Journal Keeps Me Organised and Sane

August Goals

What else can you find here?


I recommend you start here if you’re not sure where to begin. My resources include tips on world-building, character creation, how to find and work with beta readers, and many other topics which will help you write and self-publish your book.



My progress updates will keep you informed of new WIPs, release dates, cover reveals, and all other news regarding my books. If you’re looking forward to my future releases, you’ll want to check it out!



Every other Monday, you’ll be able to find new writing prompts and short stories here. If you want to sample my (unedited, first draft) writing without spending anything, this is where to go!

Please note: The final writing prompt will be published at the end of January. A weekly fictional serial called All that I Can Be will take over in March.



Every Thursday, you’ll find a new book review here. On the last Thursday of every month, I also review a book on writing in addition to a novel to help you grow!




If you’re here for my reviews, you might be interested in my bi-weekly Wednesday reading updates, too. If you’re curious to see what I’m reading, take a look. And if you’re already there, why not tell me about your current read over a tea and cookies?




If you’re not after any one specific topic, feel free to just browse my blog. I’m happy to have you <3




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I’m a self-published epic fantasy author of two novels. I’m currently working on another two while planning several more. If you’d like to see what I’ve published so far, Goodreads reviews, maps, and links to Goodreads and Amazon, take a look!



Newest Release:


If she could change their fear into hope she would,

no matter how ridiculous she felt in a dress and crown.

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~ About Sarina ~


Sarina writes high fantasy and dabbles here and there in sci-fi. On occassion she plays with urban fantasy, too. She released her debut novel, Rise of the Sparrows, in May 2016. Her familiar is a constant companion to her and her writing, which is why Sarina dedicated her first book to her. Find out more