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From Ashes

I have a confession to make. I’m not really just finishing the planning stage, like I said last week I was. This time last year I had just finished university, and a few months before that I had started writing this very same book. As it turns out, your final term at uni isn’t a good time to start doing that! (who’d have thought, right?)

Now, a year later, I’m settled with a part-time job and a routine and am in a position where I can pick this up again. Over the past twelve months my characters haven’t left me alone and this story is begging to be written!

So far, the total word count is 13.494 and the book will be titled From Ashes (unless I change my mind, that is – it is still early days!) Next week I’d like to get to 20.000, but I’ve got a birthday to attend so that figure might be ambitious. This week I’ve been busy preparing things for said birthday which is why I haven’t gotten much else done.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Until next week! 🙂



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