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Weekly Quote #2

“When you’re at a dead end, you can’t see where you started. You look to the right and you look to the left and you have no options. You’re attached and estranged from your beginning. Then you look forward and there’s a wall.

This is the best place to be. It’s true in science, in business, in art and in love.

Why is this such a good place to be? Well, you cannot have a breakthrough without being at a dead end.

The breakthrough comes because you’ve exhausted all of your resources. And you know what? All breakthroughs happen in exactly the same way. There’s a wall in front of you and you have to break it. And all breakthroughs happen because of an act of faith.

You think to yourself, I’m gonna go back a bit… and I’m gonna crash through that wall. And you will. You’ll probably get cut, scratched… you might even tear your clothes a little bit.

The thing on the other side is a garden. And it is all there for you.

Hopefully, if everything goes right for you, you’ll hit another wall.” (from ‘shitmyphotoprofsays.tumblr.com‘)

This week it wasn’t easy to pick my favourite because I like a lot of the quotes from this specific site, but I eventually decided on a quote about the feared artist’s block and how to overcome it (sort of).

I came across this site a while ago while browsing facebook and have come back to it a couple of times since. I’ve found a lot of motivation and inspiration there, and hopefully it’ll do the same for you. All quotes are related to Photography but you can easily apply most of them to whichever at form you work in.


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