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7 Random Facts About Me


I wasn’t sure whether I should participate in this or not. When I created this blog I told myself that I would keep it strictly book-related and would keep nominations and reader-given awards like the Liebster Award to my other, less professional blogs. However, gabriel360live was so kind as to think of me when he himself was nominated, and I would feel rude if I didn’t return the favour. This might well be a one-off only thing, but it’s happening 🙂

So, Gabriel has nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and again let me say thank you for thinking of me in the first place! Cookie Break hasn’t been around all that long yet so I’m excited to have found some wonderful blogging friends already, like Gabriel. If you haven’t come across his blog yet, let me tell ya he writes some amazing poetry, and whether or not you usually like poetry chances are you’ll enjoy his. I have done and know next to nothing about poetry, which gives credit to his talent and skill.

These are the rules for this award:

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is meant to acknowledge those who regularly read and comment on your blog. The rules for it are pretty simple:
–Show off your achievement by displaying the award.
–Link back to the person who bestowed this award upon you.
–Nominate up to 15 of your regular readers (less than 15 is just fine, though).
–Let them know that they’ve been nominated.
–Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Now, as I mentioned above, Cookie Break hasn’t been around that long just yet, so the amount of people I can in turn nominate is very limited indeed!

So, seven (very) random  facts about me:

1) I got my second guinea pig when I was around six years old, and I named him Murkel – a made-up name which, as far as I know, has no meaning whatsoever.

2) I love rain and thunderstorms, as long as I’m inside when they happen. There’s nothing more relaxing to fall asleep to than the distant rumble of thunder and the heavy clash of rain against your window!

3) I love a bit of self-promotion (who doesn’t?) but only in fair doses. Meaning, once my book is out I won’t stop blogging or tweeting about other things like some people do (you know the ones, who tell you three times a day that their book is out now, and you will love it, they promise!, and you can buy it here, here and here) Of course I want you to buy my stuff, but I don’t want to alienate anyone in the process. You’ll get the message, you’re not stupid. Me shoving the news in your face won’t make you any more likely to buy it.

4) I hate the overuse of the word ‘lol’ (or worse yet, ‘lulz’). Don’t you find it annoying when you talk to someone, and they reply with ‘that’s amazing, I’m so happy for you lol’ It sounds sarcastic, and it tells me that they didn’t mean a word they said, apart from the last one. And it’s even worse when they don’t say anything but ‘lol’, because I don’t know how to read it. Are you happy for me? Did you think what I said was silly? Are you actually laughing out loud at what I told you? Stop. Please.

5) I don’t like reading things with loads of spelling and grammar mistakes, because it makes the actual reading experience quite difficult in my opinion. I don’t want to force bad grammar and a bunch of spelling mistakes on other people, either, so everything I post has been spell checked, sometimes twice. Even comments. Even text messages via phone.

6) My Grandma is a very important lady and I love her a lot.

7) I love playing computer games of every genre – my favourites range from Pokemon over Harvest Moon and Skyrim to Mass Effect.

If you’d like to know any other random facts about me, go on ahead and ask – I’ll happily answer as long as it’s nothing offensive or too personal.

Now, as for the people I nominate..

Again, I don’t know that many of you guys yet so the amount of people I can nominate is limited. My nominees are-



If you don’t want to participate, feel free not to. I was on the fence about this myself, remember? 🙂

Have a lovely Thursday, everyone,


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  1. Thank you for my nomination, Sarina. I will set about creating my Dragon’s Loyalty Award blog post next week 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to seeing it 🙂 Just remember, your love for Pinterest no longer counts as an interesting fact – we know 😉

  2. I’m so new to all this blogging stuff, so I’m glad you’ve posted this because I’d not heard of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award until now (I was just about to google it!) As for bad grammar, I totally agree, I find it incredibly frustrating to read something badly written, it spoils the flow of reading.

    Saying that, I’ve recently started blogging myself, and I’ve realised that making typos is a lot easier to do than I thought, and much harder to spot when spell-checking yourself! Especially if like me, you’re blogging is almost a conscious stream of bubbling thoughts splattered on a page… I’m so eager to publish, sometimes I miss spelling until I re-read the post a couple of days later.

    • I hadn’t heard of it either before Gabriel nominated me! There seem to be a number of reader-given awards around wordpress at any given time, so I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear about one 🙂 I know wordpress can be a bit fiddly in the beginning, if you need any help with anything or have any questions feel free to ask 🙂
      Making spelling mistakes is definitely easy! I’m trying to be hard on myself as I’m writing my book and want to keep all the editing until the draft has been finished, which isn’t easy but it really highlights just how many mistakes I make when I write! It’s shocking! I understand being eager to publish perfectly well ^^
      I’ve started reading many stories which had potential but which were ruined by bad grammar, or sometimes missing grammar! It’s worrying how difficult correct spelling and grammar seems to be for some.

      • Thanks 🙂 WordPress is a part of work, so mostly it’s the widgets that I’ve not investigated yet… I love your word count updates one, that’s neat! Still figuring out what I want from my blog at the moment but we’ll see. I’m hoping I’ll get more visits and feedback eventually!

      • Thank you! The word count is just the text widget, and you can add anything you like! 🙂 Just hang in there and keep posting, and visit other blogs, too. The views will come with dedication and time 🙂

  3. Thank you for the kind words. They’re much appreciated. 🙂

    About #5, I read over my comments and text messages at least two or three times before I post them, and I’ll still occasionally miss a mistake I’ve made.

    Quick question: In Mass Effect, did you create your own character and take him/her through all three games? And if so, what was his/her name?

    I guess that’s two questions.

    Anyway, I created a character, named her Mareyli, but then only had a chance to get through Mass Effect 2. To this day, I still haven’t played the third, and it still bothers me.

    • Well, about that, I’m actually on my fifth playthrough now (meaning all three) and I’ve created my own Shepard each time, apart from the one time I played the default male John Shepard 🙂 I’ve given them different names each time, I’m pretty sure I stuck with Jane once (the default female Shepard name) and one was likely called Cari, but I don’t remember the other names 🙂 You have to play the 3rd one, my eyes start watering just hearing the music! A lot of people were disappointed by the ending but I loved it because of how they did it. I respect Bioware massively for doing something they must have known would annoy a lot of fans but doing it anyway, because it was the only right fit for the story.

      And you’re very welcome, it was the least I could do 🙂 Some mistakes will always be made, but you can tell the difference between someone who checks things over and someone who seemingly slept through primary school.

      • I love Mass Effect’s music. I actually have heard all three soundtracks. Glor-i-ous! 🙂

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