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My writing space.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Due to a hospital appointment followed by a brief procedure (nothing serious, don’t worry) this morning, I’m feeling a little meh today so I’ll only be doing a short update.

So let me introduce you to my desk space, and the space where I write most of the time:


I know a lot of people will pale at the sight of it, but I promise you – this is tidy 🙂 As you can see I have the typical (or is that just me?) glass of pens and pencils, some vitamins since my iron and vitamin B12 levels are low, a picture of my grandma, and you can even spot some of my many notebooks under there.

This is where I do the vast majority of my writing. When it’s time for me to print the first draft and begin the dreaded editing-process I will move either onto our sofa, upstairs into the quiet spare room, or outside if the weather allows it. Quite often our cat hogs the chair so I use the computer when she permits it.

What does your writing space look like, and how does it compare to mine? I imagine it’s a lot tidier than this but as long as it works for you, anything is good!



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  1. I’m loving all the writing space blogs at the moment because I’m an inquisitive sort 😉 But I have to admit that what impresses me most about your desk is the unopened, uneaten Lindt chocolate rabbit!!! That is will power in my book. I’d have inhaled any chocolate within a 3 metre radius. On a serious note, thanks for sharing your space. It looks cosy, and I think particularly organised.

    • Everyone comments on the rabbit before anything else, haha, and he’s been there for a while, too! One of my supervisors at work gave him to me just before Easter and because I actually like where I work I haven’t wanted to destroy it. Not enough for me to go ahead with it, anyway 😉
      I am surprised you are finding it organised, because I always think that it could be so much more tidy! But I know where things are, so I’m proud of that 🙂

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