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Weekly Quote #4

“When we make art, we try to make something that we never leave behind. That comic book or sea shell you picked up on your vacation last year, you can leave that shit behind when you move. But a diary, a diary is something you hang on to. It’s your job for this class to take photographs you’d run into a burning building to save.” (from ‘shitmyphotoprofsays.tumblr.com‘)

Yeah, sorry. It’s from that site again. It’s the last one, I promise. The reason I picked this one (despite already having picked a quote from the same place only two weeks ago) is because it resonated with me. I know this site is all about me writing a book, but you can easily apply this one to writing or any other art form. I want this book to be personal to me, to mean something to me, so that by the time it’s published and I’ve received my very own physical copy I’d run back into our burning house to save said copy. I could order another one, but it wouldn’t be same. I want this book to be something I’d be upset to lose.


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