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Writing Prompts! Writing Prompts everywhere!

I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of blogs about writing have talked about writing prompts recently. Cookie Break is about writing, so here’s my post! And it’s a little different.

There was one thing which immediately came to my mind when I saw the first few writing prompt posts pop up. When I was in Primary School, say Year 2, we did this fun little exercise where each of us had to think of three words (one noun, one verb and one adjective), write them down, cut them up and put them in a hat. All of us then drew three pieces of paper at random, and we had to write a short story with the three words we had picked!

I haven’t done this in a long time, but I know that many years later when I was trying to write (long before I established anything even close to a writing routine) but couldn’t come up with anything I opened a dictionary at three random places, made a note of the first three words I saw, and then used those. I don’t remember much from my first few years at school, never mind from my lessons, so the fact that this stuck with me speaks for itself!

So, here you go – ten 3-word writing prompts to use as you see fit!

damage – to track – tenuous 

reward – calibrate – forgetful 

growth – administer – internal

act – equip – female

effect – dissect – weak

rhythm – instruct – superb

work – build – dusty

verse – motivate – psychotic

copper – enlighten – meek

plant – enter – macabre

They were all chosen at random, and are in order of noun – verb – adjective.

If you come up with anything, I’d love to hear from you and read it!

Do you know of any other interesting – maybe slightly different – writing prompt ideas? Share what you know in the comment form below. 


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  1. Love that idea, great tip for writer’s block. For some reason the three words I am drawn to are verse -motivate- psychotic… might say something about my psyche.

    • When I wrote those three words I was thinking “hmmm, now they are interesting!” so I had the same reaction! 🙂 And thank you, I might have to do this myself next time writer’s block hits!

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