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Weekly Quote #7

“… of course I have a point of view, I make formal choices, but I prefer to feel my unconscious leading me before my will interferes.”

“I feel I am always expecting a story that I don’t yet know.” (both from ‘12345‘ by Sarah Moon)

By the time I left college I hardly knew any female photographers, despite having studied Photography for two years (our college art library was very small). When I started university I came across Sarah Moon pretty quickly and fell in love with her work instantly. The way she approaches her work as she describes in these two quotes was something I wanted to adapt.

Working unconsciously like that – allowing the medium to take over – is not something that has worked for me in Photography so far, but it is something that has worked for my writing for years. I always try to work from within and let the characters tell the story rather than interfere myself and correct them. It takes the characters and plot into directions I didn’t expect or plan, and makes the whole experience so much more fun and worthwhile for me.

I referred to Sarah Moon many times over the course of my studies, and she has almost become a bit of a role model for me. One day I’d like to reach this same level of working with my Photography, but right now I don’t know how and I’m happy applying it where it feels natural – to my writing.


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