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Be Your Shelf!

be your shelf

As some of you might know I work in the library of my old university. Every year for fresher’s week/fortnight different teams across the uni try to come up with new ways to engage all their new students, and of course the library gets involved, too! This year they’ve come up with something different they haven’t done before (and before you ask – no, I wasn’t asked to do this and no, they don’t pay me for this, either – I offered and don’t get anything in return so this isn’t a post I had to write).

Over the two weeks of fresher’s fortnight, students will be encouraged to come into the library and take a selfie with a book of their choosing for a chance to win a prize! They post their selfies on twitter with the hashtags #beyourshelf and #solentshelfie. Naturally, we had to get involved too, so I and two colleagues took the first three selfies (not something I usually do, especially because my face is on flyers now which will be put up around the university).

We’re really looking forward to seeing how many students will participate and hope that at least some will come back once they’ve licked blood.

Fresher’s fortnight will run from Friday 18th September until Monday 5th October – if your twitter feed suddenly gets spammed with people holding up books in a library, you’ll know who to blame!


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