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Progress Update – Doing better than expected!

Hi everyone!

After a slow start at the beginning of this week and me not feeling well on Wednesday, I got more writing done towards the end than I thought! The word count for this week is just over five thousand, which brings the total count up to 43,110! Next week I should reach the big 45K easily and surpass it, which feels like I’m reaching a milestone in this draft! I’m just entering the midpoint now as well, so next week I will dive fully into the half-way point of Rise of the Sparrows – something I’ve been excited to do since I started writing. It’s a time in the story where many changes occur and important decisions have to be made, which is always a fun part to write for me.

In other news, you may have noticed that yesterday was the first Thursday since I started Cookie Break without a post. I think Cookie Break has run for long enough now that I don’t need to post five days a week any more, so Thursdays will be quiet from now on. Every now and again I might use Thursday for reblogging other amazing posts but this likely won’t become a routine feature. Not scheduling posts for Thursdays leaves me more time to write, and in the end that’s what I’m here to do 🙂

Enjoy your weekends (and don’t forget that it is the weekend next, if you tend not to allow yourself one – you deserve a break),



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  1. Congrats on the progress. I too have had a productive week, but I will remember your tips about giving myself the weekend. Hopefully, I will do some writing this weekend, but it’s my twenty ninth… tomorrow, and I’m giving myself permission to do nothing 😉 After all, it is my last birthday in my twenties.

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