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Progress Update – Into the 50K!

Don’t you just love the feeling when you know you just sped past your word count goal for the day? This week, thanks to some delicious Earl Grey tea, I smashed my daily goal as well as my weekly goal! And I’m having a little emotional moment right now! (you have to wonder what finishing the first draft is going to do to me if this is all it takes)

writing companion
Everyone, meet my newly appointed constant writing companion!

At the beginning of this week I was aiming for 6K. Then, after I just about breeched that figure yesterday, I thought ‘come on, just 2K more’. Today I can happily report that I did another 2,684 in just over an hour, with a total weekly count of 8,696! Over 2,5K more than I was aiming for on Monday! If this isn’t worth bragging about, I don’t know what is. Besides actually finishing this book and publishing it and getting rich, that is. That would be pretty neat.

So, all that brings the current total to a proud 51,806. I’m tempted to make my new goal each week 8K. With Earl Grey by my side, I can’t fail! (right?)

… We’ll see.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



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  1. You should make it 8K now that you know you can achieve it- go you!

    • Thank you! I’m still feeling the buzz! I’ll do a test run for a few weeks and see how it goes but it should be quite achievable, especially once I’m off work every other Thursday and Friday again.

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