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10 Minutes – Azaal's Mission

Callie ran, ignoring the small painful pebbles under her feet as she dashed through the dark forest. If her Momma found out she wasn’t in her bed… But this was so exciting! She had to know what she saw! It wasn’t every day that something fell from the sky, now, was it?

Picking up her pace, she barely felt the cool moisture from the day’s rain wet her feet. Her heart was racing at the thought of all the possibilities! What if it was a comet? Or a star? Or even an alien, like in the movies and stories her Grandpa used to tell her?

Spurned on by excitement, Callie did not pay enough attention to the rough forest floor beneath her. Her foot caught in a raised branch, and she fell face first into the mud. Great, now Momma will definitely know I was out! My clothes are soaked! Sighing, her body aching from the sting of fresh scratches and cuts, Callie picked herself up. This had better be worth it!

More carefully than before she went deeper into the thick woods. She thought she had seen the thing come down around here, close to the lake. Only another few steps and she’d be there, she knew it!

But the more she explored the more she had to admit to herself that there was nothing here. Not even a tiny indent from where the thing had landed. She had sneaked out in the middle of the night for this? She was going to get grounded for this? It wasn’t fair. Finally, she gave up, carrying herself back home like her final supper awaited her there.


From the safety of her hiding place Azaal watched the little girl search the clearing. She looked so disappointed… The girl must have seen her land. Azaal had always loved kids, but she had been warned of this planet before leaving her own. According to everything she had learned back home as well as on the way, this was a hostile place which was not yet ready for meeting her kind. Disgusted, she frowned. Or any kind other than their own. So why had her commander sent her here to investigate again? To find out whether they were ready? Azaal knew they weren’t. Everyone back home knew that, and yet she was here. It wasn’t fair.

Careful not to make a noise, she slipped out from her hiding spot and deactivated the shield she had put up around her crash landing. Her ship was in bad shape, but the forest around her ship was even worse off. She needed to hide it if she didn’t want local authorities to find it. The girl had not spotted a thing, but she was young. A child. Who knew what kind of technologies the superiors had? It was not worth taken the risk.

Once she had done that, she would follow the girl. Azaal had to start her investigation somewhere, after all.


All of my 10-Minute stories are improvised, unplanned, and unedited apart from spelling and grammar mistakes. The idea is to kick-start the dreaded Monday with a short, creative exercise without thinking about it, and simply writing for the sake of writing.

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