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Progress Update – Nearing The End!

I’ve got a couple of exciting news this week!

Let’s start with the word count – after not feeling too well last week I’ve made a comeback this week, and entered the 60K. My word count didn’t quite reach my goal of 8,000, but with 7,569 I’m not far off and it’s definitely enough for me to be pretty happy with it! It also brings the total count to 62,988, which isn’t too shabby.

Now, to the more exciting part!

Things are looking pretty good and I’m positive that I’ll finish the first draft this month. I’ve found the same thing to be true with writing as I’ve found with reading – the second half goes by a lot faster than the first! My characters have been very forthcoming with information – including characters I didn’t know about when I first started writing. Or until earlier this week. So I can happily report that things are going well and are progressing rather quickly 🙂

I’ve also thought of a potential name for the trilogy. While it’s still early days for this I keep calling it that in my head whenever I think about the series as a whole, so unless something else comes along the series will likely be titled Relics of Ar’zac 🙂

A good weekend to all of you! Until next week,



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  1. Love the series title; intriguing and too the point. Congrats on the word count!

    • Thank you! It wasn’t easy to find something which wasn’t already taken (usually by mobile games) so I was quite thrilled when this popped into my head 🙂

      • I am obsessed with googling any name I create, whether it’s character, organisation, or title etc. It’s surprising how many are already taken!

      • It really is, and the age of mobile gaming and social media makes it even harder to find something people haven’t used already. Being original is almost impossible (you could argue that originality no longer exists full stop but there’s a post for another day) so it takes a while to name things. I’m tempted to stick with what I’ve got just because I don’t know if I’ll find anything ‘new’ again otherwise!

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