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642 Writing Prompts

Last week I went into one of my local Waterstones to search for a book and found something completely different. Nestled amongst the Gifts for Writers section (which I will need to come back to at some point, just for the notebooks alone), I found 642 Things To Write About – a book filled with nothing but writing prompts!


It sounded like bliss so I bought it – and it’s heaven, I tell ya! Going through it later (something I probably should have done before buying it) I found many wonderful writing prompts which I can’t wait to try out. I will also post some of my prompts every now and again on Thursdays, since that slot is currently free. It won’t be a regular thing but I thought it might be interesting nonetheless. And please, feel free to borrow some of these and have a go yourself! I’d love to see your interpretations.

Here are five of them picked at random, just to give you an idea!

1) You are a fifty-three-year-old woman living in Chicago. Write a letter to Santa.

2) Re-create your earliest childhood memory.

3) Write a letter to the reader of a novel you haven’t written yet.

4) Think of an episode from your life that you don’t dare write. Write it.

5) What you’ve kept.

What are your favourite writing prompts? Where do you find yours? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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