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Two Chapters and One Epilogue Away…

So I’m not quite sure what happened this week but I overshot my usual word count goal by quite a lot. I was already pretty close after my session on Tuesday so I set my new goal to 10K (for this week only *ahem*) – which got me to a final weekly count of 10,441!! That also brings the overall count to 73,429. I feel like I should be chuffed but right now I’m mostly tired.

As I was saying last week I’m hoping to finish the first draft this month, and it now looks like that will happen next week. Since I’m off work on Thursday and Friday (not including dentist appointments) there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to write until it’s finished. I’m only one, maybe two chapters away from the end, plus the epilogue and maybe a prologue… It feels more and more like it would benefit from a prologue.

So, on a rather tired note, a happy weekend to you all! 🙂



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