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Progress Update – What's next?

As you probably know I completed the first draft of Rise of the Sparrows on Wednesday, so there’s no word count this week. The printed draft is currently hidden away from me before I begin the edit (until the 16/11), so you’ll receive the first edit update on the 20th of November 🙂 The Proofing Period has begun!!

But until then?

Well, luckily there are several things to do which is good because otherwise I’d go insane with the wait! On Wednesday I asked my other half if he could hide it for me, and he actually went and hid it and he hid it pretty well, let me tell ya! In the meantime I’ve got a few book and character related posts for you such as character profiles, small stories about people living in the same world who aren’t directly involved, maybe a few excerpts… Oh, and hopefully a map and cover! Next week I’ll get in touch with a professional cover designer and cartographer (on that note, if any of you know any great cartographers let me know) so hopefully I’ll have some pretty visuals to show you very soon!

I’ll also add a new category for book related info and excerpts, since there’ll be more and more now until the release date. Speaking of which… I’m planning for the release date to be around March/ April 2016, but since this is the first time I’m doing this I don’t know how accurate that is 🙂 When I first started writing Rise of the Sparrows my goal was to finish the draft before the year is over, so I’m pretty well on track so far!

Here are some of the many things awaiting you until the 16/11:

  • the Prologue, as it is right now before editing
  • characters profiles for some of the more important characters, such as my main character Rachael, her little sidekick Cephy, and maybe even mysterious Kaida
  • the cover for the book
  • a professionally designed map of the country
  • the ‘finished’ blurb for the back of the book
  • small shorts about other characters living in the same country, experiencing the same or similar events as my main characters will

Today I’ll post the prologue, and the rest will happen as it happens. All being well I’ll have some news on the cover design for you next week, and maybe even news on the map! (honestly, though, if you know a great cartographer who loves doing fantasy maps…) Right now it’s difficult not to do everything at once and wait until next week. It’ll be a long month for me… 🙂

Until then, enjoy your weekend! 🙂



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  1. Wow, sounds like you’re going to have a busy couple of months. Good luck with editing, and congrats again on the finished first draft! 🙂

    • I hope so, I need something to distract me from this draft! It’s harder than I thought it’d be not to just print a second one and start editing that, although I expect it’d be even worse if I could see it. Or knew where it was 😛 I have made a start on it all at least with the prologue, but I’m buzzing to get started on the rest.

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