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Review: The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller

Summer Reading List The Falcon Throne

The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller


In a divided kingdom, some will do anything to seize the crown.

A BASTARD LORD, rising up against his tyrant cousin, sheds more blood than he bargained for.

A ROYAL CHILD, believed dead, sets his eyes on regaining his father’s stolen throne.

A DUKE’S WIDOW, defending her daughter, defies the ambitious lord who’d control them both.

And TWO BROTHERS, divided by ambition, will learn the true meaning of treachery.

All of this will come to pass, and nothing will remain as it once was. Royal houses will fall, empires will be reborn, and those who seek the Falcon Throne will pay for it in blood.”

I shall be careful not to give away too much. If you do decide to read any of the ‘reviewed’ books I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for you, or give away any other major plot twists, so I’ll try to be as vague as possible. However, these won’t be completely spoiler free so if that bugs you stop reading here.

What I thought:

Now, let me say this right away – you’ll want this as a paperback. Not only is there a beautiful map of a rather large world at the front of the book, but you also get a list of important characters so you don’t lose track of who’s who. And there are a lot of characters, so this list is useful. It’s much easier to navigate both when you have a physical copy in your hands. I read this on my kindle and let me tell ya, I wanted to quickly peek at the beginning a lot throughout this book. Paperback is definitely advised, people!

Now, to the review… I was already a fan of Karen Miller when I bought this, so I knew I was going to like it. In fact, this is the first I’ve seen the blurb at the back I think. You know when you like an author so much you don’t even care what the new book is about, you’ll buy it anyway? The Falcon Throne was that book for me. And I was not let down.

As the blurb above states very clearly there’s a lot of bloodshed, deceit, betrayal and intrigue going on. The story takes places in a rather large area of the world (again, you want the paperback so you can easily get to the map whenever you want to, it’ll be a huge help) and, best of all, it has multiple narratives. I love multiple narratives because it shows you the same story from different angles and enriches the story in ways one single narrative just can’t. As mentioned above there are a lot of different people in this, with very different view points and reading about all of them is highly intriguing. I usually always have firm favourites but The Falcon Throne made me change who I was rooting for several times. (for the record, my rooting for Roric and Catrain never stopped)

All of the characters develop in very believable, very natural ways, and while you may very well hate some of them you will also likely understand perfectly why they do what they do. Not that this stops the hatred for them. I understand that Humbert acted the way he did because he wanted to protect his country at all costs, but the way he treated his daughter is still unforgivable. You don’t marry your only child to a man she doesn’t want to marry, while she already deeply loves another man and you’re very aware of that fact. You just don’t. Okay?

Now, before this review gets too long and you get bored… If you have any love for fantasy books, add this one to your shelf. It’s quite long and took me a while to read through so you’ll need to bring time (remember I usually only read on my lunch breaks), but it’ll be worth it. Since this is the first in a new series Karen Miller is working on, I’m excited for book two (especially after how everything went to hell at the end of this one).

(Did I mention there’s magic? No? There’s magic.)


I don’t review books professionally, neither do I get paid for it. These reviews are mainly a small summary and my opinion on books I’ve loved, they are not intended to be anything more. All ‘reviews’ include a picture, title and name of author linking to the book’s Amazon listing, the blurb from the back of the book and my non-professional verdict.

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