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Weekly Quote #17

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than grey matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” (Jack London)

You may have noticed this already but I love notebooks. I don’t go anywhere without at least one notebook on me and recently I even downloaded an app for my phone which acts as a notebook (you never know when your pen might run out of ink…) and I adore that, too (it allows you to colour-code different notes! colour-code!!).

No matter how good your memory is, you will forget something you suddenly thought of on your daily commute to work. And then you will kick yourself. Taking a notebook with you gives you an easy way to record any ideas which might pop into your head so you can come back to them later. I have been in situations too often where I was sure I’d remember that cool thing easily once I got home, and then had no clue what it could have been. No. Idea. Whatsoever.

If you’re not a fan of actual notebooks (??) download an app. You never know what you might forget otherwise.


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  1. I am a notebook kind of gal, but an app sounds just a great!!!! If anyone needs a pen or paper when we’re out and about they always look to me…

    • It really is, I downloaded it while I was waiting for a friend and messaged her as soon as I saw the colour options! There’s something about organising things by colour that puts my mind at ease.
      Haha, I’m the same, they know I’ll have at least one notebook on me! 🙂

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