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Weekly Quote #19

“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth… You can’t give up, because if you give up… You’ll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always always always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will, sweety? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” (Marilyn Monroe)

I love this quote for so many reasons. No, it’s not directly related to writing but indirectly it’s related to just about anything you want it to be. Nobody can control your life for you. It’s yours and doesn’t belong to anyone else. All other people in it only have as much control over you as you allow them to have. If you want anything, you’ll have to go and get it and take responsible for every aspect of your life.

It’s your life. You’re in charge. Do the thing, because no one else will do the thing for you (and if they did it’d be meaningless because you need to achieve your goals yourself if you want it to mean anything).

If you fail and get hurt, brush off the dust and bandage your wounds and then try again. There’s no one responsible for your happiness but you, so go and do the thing you want to do. Who cares if you fail?

At least you’ve tried. And then you’ll try again until you nail it.


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  1. Great quote- If we can say we tried, we can live with no regrets 🙂

    • Exactly! I don’t want to celebrate my 100th birthday wishing I’d done that one thing I was too worried about at the time.

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