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10 Minutes – The Last Moon Child

Shivering with cold and keeping one eye on the entrance, one eye on the dark reaches behind her Saskia hugged herself, desperate for some warmth.

Whatever had possessed her Commander to land on this forsaken planet? And why on earth had he sent her? There was nothing here save ice, frozen water and snow. That thing he was after, that relic – whatever it was – it wasn’t here. If it was it was long gone.

When she had landed on this planet an icy storm had raged. She had been here for several hours now and it still wasn’t save to leave the only shelter she had found. Communications with the ship and everyone on it had gone dead the moment she had landed, so there was no way to question the Commander on this stupid choice.

Freezing, Saskia hugged herself a little closer. Staying warm was impossible, but she had to find some way to make it happen. Not much was known about this planet, as far as she knew it hadn’t even been named yet. It was a desolate hell hole on the very end of nowhere, and now she was stranded on it.

She spun around violently when she heard something behind her. She had hoped this cave would be empty but it didn’t look like she would be so lucky. Readying her gun she pointed it at the dark end ahead of her, completely ignoring the entrance of the cave. There was nothing back in that direction anyway besides more snow, and she had definitely seen enough of that to last her a lifetime!

Careful, her weapon ready to shoot the first thing that moved, Saskia moved forwards. Who knew what kind of wild animal lived in such a forsaken place? Something was sure to thrive out here. Something always did. Life always found a way.

Right now she really wanted life to fuck the hell off for a change and leave her alone.

Hoping she wasn’t making a mistake, she took out her flash light – the gun not leaving its spot in the darkness ahead of her once – and lit up the area in front of her. A shuffling of feet or claws or whatever, and then there was nothing. Whatever the thing was it was hiding now. Saskia was holding her breath, scared to make a sound and make herself jump. She was trained for every situation, but the save controlled environment of Space Training never compared to the real thing.

“Hello?” No answer. Saskia didn’t move, hoping the thing ahead of her would do the same, or better yet – maybe it would leave!

But it didn’t. A sound she couldn’t place came from behind a small rock formation, followed by the same strange shuffling sound she had heard before. She couldn’t believe her eyes when the small creature walked out in front of her, its eyes fixated on her as much as hers were set on it.

It’s a Moon Child! How on Earth was- No, that couldn’t be right!

Not knowing what to make of it, Saskia took a few steps back. Whatever this thing was, it wasn’t a Moon Child. They were extinct, had been wiped out a long time ago.

“Stay where you are!” It’s long, wide ears popped up, almost like a dog but so much stranger. Instead of doing as she said, it took a few unsure steps towards her, its eyes glistening even in the darkness of their cave.

Then it ran towards her, faster than anything she had ever seen before. Saskia aimed her gun –

and fired.


All of my 10-Minute stories are improvised, unplanned, and unedited apart from spelling and grammar mistakes. The idea is to kick-start the dreaded Monday with a short, creative exercise without thinking about it, and simply writing for the sake of writing.

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