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Meet&Greet – Aeron

It’s time for the second-to-last character introduction already! Oh my, how time flies when you’re having fun! <3 This week I’m introducing you to an evil sorceress who only wants the worst for everyone πŸ™‚ This would make a half-decent prologue as well, but forget I said that. It probably won’t happen.


The world needed to end.

This awful world of disgusting beings, smiling and laughing and mocking the power she commanded. They feared people like her, people with the gift of magic, without knowing anything about it. As far as they knew they had no reason to fear her, yet fear came easily to them at the mere mention of her name.

Today she would give them that reason they so desperately appeared to crave, and they would squirm like trodden-on worms in the dirt before her power.

Aeron drew the sleek blade across her arm. The metal was cold to the touch, at odds with the warm blood which began to trickle down her skin until it flowed freely. It burnt, her veins screaming in protest as the wound went untreated.

She walked along the outer circle which she had prepared earlier, her blood drawing the needed line behind her as she went. The sacrifices inside were cowering from her and shielding their eyes, whimpering as they tried not to upset her any more.

Her head was beginning to spin from the cut, but it could wait. The more blood she had for the ritual the better.

“Get up.” Not willing to test her patience all three sacrifices rose to their feet at once. Smiling, because she loved to see the fear in their eyes, she ran her tongue across the pulsing gash in her arm. There was nothing in this world or the next that could beat the taste of fresh, hot blood – she should know, she had tried everything.

Aeron focused on the source of the magic within her, calling it forth with as much ease as breathing required. Dark shades and slivers of threatening black mist rose from the incantations she had spelled out on the ground.

“Come to me.” The candles in the room blew out, leaving her to stand in darkness as the spirits indulged her.

Her sacrifices cried out at the sudden change, causing her to shudder with the anticipation of what she was about to do. Stepping as swiftly as the dark shapes around her she moved onto her sacrifices, and slit their throats one by one. Her feet warmed at the sudden flood of blood.

“Come to me!” Her command was heeded immediately. She absorbed the blackness around her as she spoke the ancient spell, welcoming the cuts it left on her body. Little hidden promises all over her figure, reminding her of the deal struck.

She desired the end of the world, and she would get it.

She always got what she wanted.


Watch this space for more character insights! Since there’s only one left now I guess you won’t have to watch out for long. Next week I’ll be introducing you to the Commander of the White Guard, who hunts those with the gift without mercy and tortures people in his spare time πŸ™‚ (my book is full of lovely people you’d want to have tea with, see?)

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  1. She sounds fascinating. I am a sucker for a good antagonist πŸ™‚

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