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642 – My Brother's Diary

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m behind again, and quickly copied the text from the book into this post here. I’ve only done a quick edit so I apologise if it’s largely unreadable. It’s early and I’m tired and I’ll get better at this again starting todaymorrow.

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to borrow it! I’d love to read your interpretation, so please link back here so I can have a read! 🙂

Happy writing!


A character discovers an object hidden many years ago in a family home.

I had never noticed, really noticed, the little bump in my room’s carpet before. I must have seen it every day for the past ten years, but it hadn’t stood out to me. Not until today.

Today was my 19th birthday. Boxes cluttered my room, crammed full of the things I couldn’t part with. I was moving to London today, together with my best friend. For the first time in a long while, my room was mostly empty apart from the boxes I had towered higher than what was safe. I guessed that’s why I noticed it now. The bump was an oddity amongst the otherwise neat carpet.

Gently I ran my right hand across it. I wanted to be careful with it, something at the back of my mind told me so, but more than that I needed to get to whatever was hidden under there.

I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and stabbed the fabric, dragging it around the item underneath. My breath stopped when I saw what it was.

My brother’s diary.

The room had been his, but I had moved in a year after Jo’s accident. I knew it was an invasion of privacy, but something inside me urged me to open it at the folded page. The text was short, but clear.

“Tina, I’m sorry. I couldn’t make myself stay. This is the only way for me, but not for you. Never for you, you hear? Live. Do what I couldn’t, and be happy. Love, Jo.”


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    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure that this was a good spot to leave it, but I only get so much space in the book and I’m trying to stick to it 😉

    • Short stories don’t have to be complete, but they can be a great way of exploring a new idea! I really enjoyed yours, thank you for taking part! 🙂

  1. As always, so brilliantly written and heartwrenching at the end. You know how to create such compelling stories even in such few words. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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