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642 – My Unexplainable Secret

Monday InspirationHappy Monday, everyone! 🙂

I’ve only got a short writing prompt for you this week, and I hope you enjoy 😉

If the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it – if you do, please link back here so I can be nosy ^-^

Happy writing!


What does your sleeping mind think in the moments before you wake up? What are its last hopes, fears, or promises to itself as the alarm goes off and it feels itself vanishing?

Skin as pale as perfect porcelain. Eyes as beautiful and as terrible as the ocean in a storm. And the smile… That comforting, cold smile I knew he reserved just for me…

I wake up, bed sheets drenched in sweat and my heart racing. Oddly enough, my mind doesn’t match. My mind is calm.

I read once that you can only dream of people – of faces – you’ve seen before. Your mind simply can’t make up new ones while you sleep. But I’ve dreamed of his face – of the promise and the threat dancing behind his cruel eyes – every morning for a month now, and I’m sure I’ve never seen him before. I’d remember.

His grin is beginning to be familiar; my own, unexplainable secret.

I don’t know what it means, but I know it’s odd that I’m calm because deep down I know I should be terrified.


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  1. I just read this on my break at work and I was so engrossed in the short that if I had been disturbed I would have flown up in the air.
    The words were mesmerising from the start, I was on the edge of my seat and by the end of it I was left with goosebumps. This is certainly in the top 5 of my favourite prompts if not at the top of the list. Tremendously brilliant and fantastic and oh yeah, a little bit unnerving at the end. I LOVED IT!!!!
    I want to know so much more. Now, I want to know now! 😀

    • Thank you so much!! I wasn’t expecting this kind of response <3 Feel free to do the prompt yourself! 🙂

      • It was one of those stories that gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go!

  2. Holy bananas this was incredible. I have chill bumps which is pretty incredible since its 97 degrees today. Wonderful job with this prompt and most intriguing. Loved the whole thing!!!

  3. What an incredible piece! Sarina, as always your words are pure magic, engrossing & captivating! Your talent is such a gift and I am grateful that you choose to share it with us! Brilliant <3

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