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Progress Update – No Progress

A Book's Progress 3

This is going to have to be quick! And let me say right away that there’s no excerpt this week, either.


It’s been one of those rare weeks where I’ve had all these grown-up responsibilities which took me away from my desk. You know the ones.

responsible grown up
It’s rare but, you know, I can totally be responsible when I have to be *ahem*

So the only things I can really report are these:

No words got written this week, I’m looking at using Pinterest more to promote my book alongside my research, and I’ve made this amazing cork board out of paper:


Things were getting a little confusing in my notebook because I had bits and pieces of information and random ideas scattered throughout, but no easy way of seeing everything at once. It’s looking a little bare right now but the first index cards have been placed, and there’s some heavy highlighting and colour-coding going on 😉 I’d share a better picture but that might spoil the plot ^-^

Next week I’ll have a lot of catching up to do! I’d like to be halfway through the draft by the end of July, which might be a little tight but I do work well to deadlines!


A wonderful weekend to you all! 🙂



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  1. You have a good weekend too – try and stay away from grown up responsibilities, they’ll do you no good!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and I hope that this week brings a lot more chances to get ahead in your writing 🙂
    Good luck with that goal, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t! <3

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