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642 – The One Who Got Away

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday, everyone!

Don’t you just love it when you work on a prompt you didn’t have much hope for, and suddenly it becomes more? This prompt was like that, and about half-way through the words flowed much easier – I even have ideas for a continuation or two! 🙂

That’s hypothetical at the moment, though, so forget I said anything ^-^

If the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it – if you do, please link back here so I can be nosy ^-^


Write a love letter to the one who got away

“Hey Dean

I don’t know if you remember me – your life has been so busy. You’re everywhere. The news on TV, the paper, even my Mum can’t stop talking about you. Anyway, it’s me, Shauna. We went out briefly in college, only for about two months. I know I said I was okay when you broke up with me and moved across the world, but I lied. I love you. I’ll always love you.”

Frustrated I draw long, angry lines across the words. Hot tears burn in my eyes and blur my vision. What’s the point? He just got engaged to some super hot, super skinny chick from the South.

There’s no way he remembers me.


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  1. Poor Shauna! You capture her heartache so perfectly!
    It is always wonderful when you get that sudden inspiration, especially when you have such low expectations to begin!
    Another wonderful short 🙂

    • Thank you! ^-^ My inspiration to continue this has since left me, but it was nice while it lasted 😛 Onto bigger projects!

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