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Review: Infernal Ties by Holly Evans

ReviewsInfernal Ties

by Holly Evans

“The Hawke twins are hunters. They keep the supernal community of Prague in line, and they’re good at it. The witches whisper their names when something goes bump in the night, and the lycans tell stories of them to make their cubs behave. When Quin doesn’t come home after what should have been a quick rogue-disposal, Evie begins to worry.

Evelyn Hawke is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing and no one will stop her from getting her twin back. She’ll do whatever it takes, even dive into the supernal world and work with those she despises to find Quin and dig him out of the very large hole he’s got himself into.

Little does she know the far-reaching consequences of her actions.”

WWW 29062016.2What I thought:

I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this novella. I’ve been looking forward for this series to kick off, and was not disappointed!

I love kick-ass female leads (I mean, who doesn’t?), and Evie is definitely one of them! She’s very unapologetic and willing to do what must be done to reach her goal, even if that something includes stepping over corpses and cutting fingers off dead people. I knew I’d enjoy it when this happened: “Rogue or not, they were likely to watch out for him. Once pack, always pack, until death do them part or some shit.” You had me at shit, Evans! But enough with the teasers 😀

Infernal Ties takes place in a Prague where supernatural beings exists everywhere, without most people ever realising it. Evie and her brother, Quin, are hunters – trained to hunt down supernatural creatures and kill them. They are both rather good at what they do, so when Quin goes missing Evie doesn’t waste time in trying to find him.

Even though Quin is missing and we don’t get to meet him directly, I still felt like I knew him enough from Evie’s stories about him. Evie and Quin are twins with some major differences – the biggest one being that Evie hates the supernatural community and doesn’t try to hide it, whereas Quin is fascinated by it and tries to learn what he can and has an open mind. Evie sees enemies in every elf, vampire, werewolf and witch while Quin is trying to learn from them. I’d love to see Evie develop a more open mindset, but something huge would need to happen to change her mind I think.

The supernatural’s incorporation into our world is seemless and interesting – the idea that elves, vampires and werewolves (and everything in between) are everywhere and we just don’t realise it definitely had my attention! And that there’s a powerful witch with my name, if in pronounciation only, certainly earned cookie points, too ^^

One refreshing thing is that there’s no love aspect to this novella. At one point I thought that Evie might develop something with the elven alchemist (yes, despite her hating all supernaturals) but it seems like he might be more interested in her brother, which I’m so very okay with <3 I’ll keep my hopes up for the sequel. Pretty please?

Since this is a short novella it was a very fast read for me, and I finished it in no time. That there are fast-paced action scenes everywhere helped that along as well.

Infernal Ties is an exciting novella which sets up the storyline well and promises a great series!

Infernal Ties is out tomorrow 1st July, so add it to your tbr lists now!


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    • It really was! And since it’s only around 30K long, you might as well! 😉

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