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Progress Update – Deadlines and Excerpts

A Book's Progress 3

Self-imposed deadlines, that is. And only one excerpt, but it’s longer than usual 🙂 There were so many things I wanted to get done this week, and by some miracle I did. One of those things especially I’ve been postponing for a while (*ahem* since March! *ahem*), so it’s a great relief to have that off my back.


On the writing front of things I’m happy, if somewhat surprised, to say that progress is happening! I’ve set myself a vague deadline of the end of September for finishing the first draft of Relics of Ar’Zac Book 2, and so far it’s looking good! I know how many words I need to do per day and per week to make it happen, and so far I’m confident I’ll hit it. Mind you, my original deadline was August, but that was always a bit ambitious 😛

This week’s word count is 6,970, which brings the total to 57,425. The little progress bar in Scrivener is turning a very exciting yellow!


As I mentioned last Friday, my routine was shaken up a lot this week. So far things are going well and my writing hasn’t suffered yet, but as things continue I might need to adjust my routine a little. Not to jinx anything, but I think it’ll be fine – my writing has actually gone better than before! But maybe cross your fingers for me just a little.

On Tuesday I asked for your take on Facebook as a professional platform. I haven’t made a decision yet, but either way it’s save to say that change is coming to my author page. Whether that change will be in the shape of me deleting it, or in the shape of me using my account more – which I don’t really want to do – I don’t know yet. But consider this a heads-up that I might suddenly disappear from your list of followed pages. If that happens it’ll be intentional.

Now, it’s been a little while, but I’ve got an excerpt for you! 🙂 I haven’t shared much from my new WIP Soul of the Heart before, so I thought it was about time! There’ll be three main characters, and today’s excerpt is from Doran’s POV. I hope you like this first proper look into it! ^-^


Doran sank into the nearest tree branch, and prayed to whichever God might listen that this thing hadn’t spotted him. If – no, when – he got out of this alive he would have to have a serious talk with the people of this village. All he had asked for was the location of this stupid artefact he wanted to find, and what did they do? They sent him into a forest full of demons and worse, and probably laughed behind their hands as he got torn apart.

“Gods, this isn’t worth it!” The artefact sat heavy in his pack. It was only a small thing – a little amulet made of gold – but it was worth a fortune, and he felt like his very life was attached to it. If he had known how much trouble it would be to retrieve it- “Oh sod it,” he said, running his hand over the heavier end of his pack, where the amulet was waiting to be sold. “Of course you’re worth it.”

That awful sound of silence still echoed around him. The birds had stopped singing a while ago, and he hadn’t spotted a rabbit in hours. Shortly after the natural sounds had stopped, it had appeared out of nowhere. He would never doubt stories or rumours again. They had to come from somewhere, after all, and after today he was convinced that most of them came from this forest.

Whatever was hunting him was still around, but if he stayed he was as good as dead. At least if he ran he could try to make it out alive – and then those fanatics would get a good talking to!

He took a deep breath in, and stood. The pack was tied carefully around his shoulders, and wouldn’t go anywhere. He could run for hours and jump over whatever lay in his way, and it wouldn’t fall.

Or so he hoped.

His blood froze when he heard it. The rustling of leaves close to him, followed by that vicious silence.

It was close.

Not wasting another moment, he ran. He could feel its presence closely behind him, but if he stopped now it would have him, and he didn’t want to know what it would do with him then. Nothing in this forest was natural, and his imagination was far too vivid to dwell on it.
Something grazed his arm, and drew blood. Sharp razor-like claws grabbed for him, their edges thin as knives and their tips as poisonous as the world’s worst snake.

He needed to get out, now, before the poison got into his bloodstream and corrupted him from the inside out.

His vision was blurring. It gained on him, and another claw-like branch grabbed for him – and missed.

Suddenly the singing of birds filled the forest around him, and the faint rustling of critters in the underbrush filled the gaps. By sheer luck he had made it. Doran knew he would never be this lucky again, but he wasn’t planning on returning. The whole forest could burn down for all he cared, and it would serve those things right, too.

If only he could be sure that they could be burned. They were nothing natural, but he didn’t know enough about demons to jump to conclusions. His little trinket was save in his pack. That was all that mattered.

Well, that and he was alive. Not being dead was definitely a good thing.

It was getting harder to breath. He couldn’t stay out here, the poison would kill him as surely as those things, but he couldn’t go to that village either. The fanatics clearly didn’t care if he died. He wasn’t about to ask them for help, but maybe he could hire a carriage from a nearby town. If he lived long enough to make it to one.

He turned around, and stared right into the face of the demon.

Doran started walking as fast as its poison allowed. He was done with this forest.
He only regretted that he hadn’t brought matches.


All content belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.

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  1. Hope your progress continues to go well! (But don’t disturb the cat too much!)

  2. Good luck with your deadlines. You can do it!

    Great excerpt- can’t wait to read your completed work.

    • Thank you! The last third is always easier. Everything falls into place, and it’s so exciting!

  3. That’s amazing progress with Book 2, Sarina! Best of luck reaching your writing goals! Keep believing in yourself and you can do it <3
    And that excerpt! Oh my goodness! What a glorious excerpt 😀 I can't wait to read more and find out more about these new characters!

    • Thank you! 😀 I’m so excited about these characters and sharing them with you, but they need a lot of work first.

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