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642 – Consequence

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂

While I enjoy doing these prompts and working my way slowly through the wonderful book they came from, I feel like it’s time to mix things up a little! 😉 I’d like to ask you for your favourite prompt – or any prompt, if you don’t have one conveniently lying around!  Leave your prompt either in a comment here, email it to me privately, or contact me on any of my other social media sites (view the right panel) – I’ll do one prompt here every other Monday morning and credit you 🙂 It’s up to you how many you sent, or where they come from. Whether it’s a prompt you found in a book or online, a prompt you thought off yourself, or whether it’s simply a name or a genre – give it here! ^-^

Now, to this week’s prompt!

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy and read your interpretation 😉


An email that you inadvertently sent to someone who wasn’t supposed to see it.

“Di, it’s time. Gather Pete, Blake, and Sue and meet me at the usual place tomorrow evening. Don’t contact me before that! It’s not save. I’m not willing to compromise Sue’s or Blake’s safety. I know you aren’t, either. We agreed that they’re too young for this shit.

Don’t worry about Ollie. I’ll deal with her before we meet. She won’t be a problem, I promise. Just get the kids to safety, and I’ll be right behind you.

I love you,


Ollie leaned back in her arm chair, her fingers gripping the hard wood underneath the soft fabric, and smiled. So they were finally making their move – without her? Angry, she got up and flung the picture of them – Nick, Diana, Pete, the twins and herself – at the far wall, where the protective glass shattered dramatically into a rain of razor-sharp corners. Nick be damned! she thought. His whole happy family be damned! When did they decide she was a threat? Before or after she had made the decision no one else had been willing to make? Cowards!

Ollie took a few slow, controlled breaths in, and sank back in her arm chair. Nick was coming for her, and she’d be ready for him.


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  1. Great post! Loved the short story.

    I shall send you a message with some prompts from my ebook! 🙂

  2. That’s a great idea! I’ve only ever done one prompt on my blog before. I was thinking of posting another one soon, but now I’ll send that idea to you soon. So, say if you do the prompt on Monday, will I also be able to use the prompt i gave you on my blog and respond to it?

    • Yes, of course! It’d be great to see how we interpret the same prompt differently, I always encourage people to use the ones I post here 🙂 I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

      • Great! I’m looking forward to that too *heads over to the ‘Contact’ page* 😀

  3. Another great story! Your shorts are always brilliant! If I think of any prompts, I’ll be sure to send them your way 😀

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