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Review: Witch Infernal by Holly Evans


Witch Infernal (Infernal Hunt #3)

by Holly Evans

The city’s been quiet since Evie and her friends closed the hellmouth. The lycans and Sidhe are on their best behaviour, the witches haven’t been heard from, and Evie should be enjoying the break.

Evelyn Hawke wasn’t made for the quiet life. She’s bored.

Luckily for her, things start going wrong, and she’s expected to fix everyone else’s problems. A trio of celestials task Evie and her friends with the job of tracking down the witch who opened the hellmouth and putting an end to her. Little do they know that the witch has big plans and a far-reaching influence.

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What I thought:

Because I devoured the first two books in the series I broke my vow not to buy more books until I’d gotten through my tbr pile, and bought Witch Infernal. (Don’t judge me, we’ve all been weak)

I instantly felt back at home within the first page. I’ve grown attached to the characters over the last two novels, and it was nice to have Evie’s treasured sarcasm back! It was especially nice to see Evie coming to terms with magic not necessarily being a bad thing early on, since she’s always been extremely prejudiced against everything magical. Best of all, Witch Infernal showed her fragile side and allowed her to be weak (in private, behind locked doors, you’ll understand), which made her all the more likeable.

I also loved the group dynamics. Evie was worried that she was slowly being excluded for not embracing magic and ultimately not adding as many skills to the team as the others, but I don’t think she needs to worry – her tight group of friends was as close as ever, and I loved that they had a boy’s night in. Her friends teased her mercilessly (and I mean mercilessly) about Lysander which was a fantastic natural addition to the banter.

Something else I really liked was the change in Elise. I liked her before but she didn’t really stand out to me, whereas I felt like she came into her own in Witch Infernal. She has grown into the voice of reason – who will cut you if you look at her funny.

As I mentioned above Evie is heavily suspicious of anything magical, so it was great to learn a bit more about the other races inhabiting Evans’ version of Prague. There was some extra insight into the lycans and their rituals and habits, and I loved receiving much of that info through Raif.

The only things that bugged me were the many repetitions, and the smaller mistakes like missing words or letters. I expect every book to have some mistakes, but I was taken out of my reading flow several times. Mind you, I’ve become a compulsive editor over the last year, so take that for what you will. It might not bother you as it did me.

Despite that I still really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the conclusion, which will be published in November. And have you heard the whispers of a Quin and Kadrix standalone?? Yes, please! <3


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