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Review: Thrown to the Blue by K. J. Chapman


“Foretellings have no place for goodness, only greatness. Princess Ezrahli is far from good, but she is a great woman in a conventional Kingdom, followed by whispers and scorn. However, across the waters is un-convention, magic, and fable. Her existence has been foretold in the battle against dark magic, and destiny shall weave itself into her life because darkness cannot be fought with goodness, only greatness.

Smuggling and sorcery leads to adventure, and adventure leads to destiny. Reed is a prince of the streets, but what he lacks in title, he makes up for in skill; a skill that sets him on a path already written in fate. Can he be more than what is expected? Can he enable greatness in another and survive the process?

Vengeance is a motivator, but it can never be your friend. In the end, it will ask for sacrifice, and only the great will pay the fare.”


What I thought:

I received an ARC of Thrown to the Blue in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve been following the progress of this novel on Chapman’s blog ever since she started writing it, and so was really thrilled to receive an ARC of it!

There is about five litres of blood in the average human body and that amount covers good ground. The pool of claret stretches across the marble floor, over my bare feet, and runs down the stairs. Father was an obese man, I am unsure if fat men hold more blood than most, but I am utterly mesmerised.

That is a killer opening line, people! (no pun intended…) I was intrigued immediately, and I liked Ezrahli right away. I do love a good anti hero!

Chapman does what she does best in Thrown to the Blue, and that is plot twists. You think you have the characters figured out when she reveals something new, and it kept me on my toes. Don’t trust anyone! Also, don’t get too attached to anyone – but I’ll get to that in a minute 😉

The dynamic between Ezra and Reed was instantly intriguing. You could tell there was something there from the moment they first met – and that’s exactly what this book is about! Their connection, and the fate destiny seems to have in store for them both.

But the highlight for me was the villain, Lyerdith. A truly evil witch who stops at nothing to get what she wants, including the murder of unborn children. She’s an antagonist I loved to hate long before she made her first appearance!

Now, about what I said above about not getting attached to anyone – Chapman has proven before that she doesn’t shy away from hurting and killing her characters, and she’s proven it again now. Many of the characters don’t make it – that’s all I’ll say on this subject 🙂

There were only two things that bugged me a little, and that was how quickly the relationship between two of the characters developed. I’m not a big fan of insta-love, and to see them get engaged and married within weeks of having met was a little too fast for me. I feel like their relationship didn’t have the time to develop, and so when they rushed into getting married it felt more like infatuation than true love to me. The other thing was the lack of a map. Chapman has created a fascinating world, and I would have loved to be able to see where the countries are in relation to another – especially the Coven since it played such an important part in the story.

So, to summarise: Thrown to the Blue was a gripping book with strong characters which I definitely recommend! If you enjoy stories about fate, destined lovers and some very dark magic, then you’ll enjoy this one! Its release day is tomorrow, the 11th November, so add it to your tbr lists if you haven’t already! Clicking the book’s cover above will take you straight to the Goodreads listing 😉


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