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My Favourite Reads of 2016


I’ve had amazing luck with my reading this year. Most of the books I’ve read were either every bit as good as I’d hoped they’d be, or they’ve exceeded expectations! I’ve found some incredible new authors, some new favourites, and the forever shelf on my bookshelf has had quite a few new additions, too! Thanks to Goodreads next year promises to be just as exciting – but right now I’d like to look back over the best books I’ve read this year, and make some recommendations while I’m at it 🙂

Watch out for the indie edition of this post in a couple of weeks, too! 😉


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Warheart marked the end of a long, wonderful series for me. In total there are 17 books, including the prequels, in the Sword of Truth series, so finishing it was bittersweet for me. I’d spend so much time in Goodkind’s world that moving on wasn’t easy, but at the same time I was excited to dive into something new. This was High Fantasy at its best for me, and I can’t recommend them enough! The first book is called Wizard’s First Rule – just be prepared for a long ride!

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I was drawn in by the cover and the blurb, although, I’ll admit, I thought this was about someone with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder (split personality)) It’s not. It’s about a girl who literally splits into two every year around her birthday, and that makes this one hell of an emotional roller coaster! Don’t finish it in public. You’ll want chocolate, and a lot of tissues! (I can’t stress enough how many tissues you’ll need – or how much chocolate!)











I received The Name of the Wind as a Christmas gift a year ago. I hadn’t heard of it before and its size was intimidating, which is why it waited a little longer on my shelf before I braved it. The second book is even longer, but if you want an Epic Fantasy story (you know you do, don’t live in denial!) then it doesn’t get much better than these! Once I’d started reading the length no longer bothered me. You know a book is good when you’re halfway through its 994 pages and want more!

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I admit, I had my difficulties with these two. They were slow starting for me, and they didn’t draw me in as much as they did everyone else, but they still deserve to be on here for the incredible world building, wonderful magic, and fantastic characters! If you haven’t read these yet you probably want to. Go on, treat yourself!











Do I need to say anything? Just read them. They were wonderful, fantastic, and everything I want in a book. Please read them. Read them now!


I actually hesitated putting this on here, because I saw the film afterwards and the film was terrible, and ruined it for me. But then I remembered the beautiful writing style, and remembered that the film did it an injustice. I really enjoyed this book, and think that you might, too. If you’ve seen the film, ignore it. The book is so. Much. Better!


The Ocean at the End of the Lane was everything you might expect from a Neil Gaiman novel – Magical and wonderful, and it did something not many books manage. It left me feeling empty. It stayed with me for a while after I finished it, and it made me wish magic was real more than any other book has done. This was the first year I picked up a Neil Gaiman book, and he’s immediately become one of my favourite authors.

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Because I didn’t enjoy ADSoM and AGoS as much, I went in with low expectations but This Savage Song made up for it. It was so beautifully written, and I found an insane amount of quotes for my little red book! The sequel is on my insta-buy list, and I’m really looking forward to it.

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This was another one for my little red book. The writing style in this was different than most books I’ve read but stunning, and I ended up with so many quotes I loved! Along with The Name of the Wind and Six of Crows, this book is my happy place. If I’m ever stuck in my own writing, I leave through this, and it makes everything better ^-^

What are your favourite reads this year? If you were to recommend only one book (… fine, make it two), which would it be?


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  1. I discovered Victoria Schwab this year, and really love ADSOM and AGOS. I have Vicious out from the library right now. Great TTT!

    • Oops, I had just commented on a few TTT posts in my feed, and my fingers seem to want to keep writing it, LOL.

    • I haven’t read Vicious yet but it’s on my tbr list for next year! What are your thoughts on it so far? 🙂

      (What’s TTT?)

  2. Well, my TBR list just got longer!

  3. I’ve been wondering about The Fifth Wave for a while. I watched the film and thought it was a load of absolute rubbish too. This makes me feel better about adding it to my tbr list 🙂

    • Oh, absolutely, the film was awful 🙂 I only watched it despite its mediocre rating because I’d loved the book so much! I hope you enjoy it if you read it, I know the reviews are torn!

  4. You’ve read such great books this year, Sarina. I promise that 2017 will be the year I read Terry Goodkind! And More of Me is also jumping onto it, because it sounds wonderful and I remember you reviewing it this year. I’ll be sure to read it when no one’s around and with a box of chocolate nearby!

    • Sounds like a plan! ^-^
      I recommend having a look on Wikipedia to see where the prequels fit into the series, if you want to read them in the right order! The prequels can really be read at any time, I just thought I’d mention it 🙂

      • I’ll do just that. That’s one thing I like about coming late to a series, I can decide what order I want to read them in if they fit in differently chronologically vs. publication date 🙂

  5. Ahh so exciting to see so many amazing books on here! I’m a huge fan of Schwab and loved the first Kingkiller book (let’s not talk about how let down I felt by the second one :/ ) and I’m so excited to see the later books in the sword of truth series- I read the first one earlier this year and LOVED IT!!

    • I’m sorry you felt let down by The Wise Man’s Fear :/ I know a few people felt that way but personally I loved it just as much as the first one. I didn’t get into A Darker Shade of Magic as much, though. I enjoyed them but I didn’t feel the strong love everyone else seemed to be feeling.
      I’m so excited you’re enjoying The Sword of Truth so far! You really are in for a long ride 😛

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