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Goodness Me, What a Year it's been!


This has been an incredible and busy year for me. I’ve published my first book, I’ve written another two (Soul of the Heart (temp. title) was finished on Friday!!), and I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve got so many plans for 2017 (including publishing two books and setting up a newsletter, but more on that next month!) but right now I want to sleep and cuddle my cat.


When I set out to write Rise of the Sparrows, I had no idea what I was in for. I knew it’d be difficult, and of course it was, but it was also exciting and I haven’t thought for one second that I couldn’t do this. It’s been the best kind of challenge. The best type of learning curve. This is in no small part due to the amazing people I’ve met this year who’ve shouted my book baby’s name at everyone who would listen, and who are so talented themselves that they inspire me every day to do better. I’m deeply forever grateful to them, and will buy tea and coffee if we ever meet in person.You know who you are so go ahead, pat yourselves on your backs ^-^

I’ve learned an insane amount. Most of that came from self-publishing my debut novel, but a lot of it is thanks to being a beta reader myself and reading every book more critically. Next year is going to be exciting, I can promise you that!


Thank you to everyone who’s walked this road with me this year and who’s supported me and Rachael (come now, we all knew there was going to be some cheese in a post like this…) I truly appreciate all the love you’ve thrown at me this year <3 I’m planning on a few ways to give something back to you next year, so keep an eye out 😉

I’ve got a few more posts scheduled, including a Christmasy writing prompt on the 26th, but I’m off work now and very busy relaxing and being lazy, so I might not reply to comments immediately 🙂

Otherwise this is the last you’ll hear from me this year, too, so be save for the remaining few days this year, and have a wonderful start to 2017!

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  1. You’ve achieved sooo much- go girl! Happy holidays!!! 🙂

  2. You are amazing and such an inspiration! Congratulations for everything you’ve achieved this year! Be proud of it all 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful start to 2017 as well!

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