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Rise of the Sparrows is only Β£0.99 until Saturday! ;)


Apologies for posting twice today – I bring you the news that you can currently buy my eBook for only Β£0.99! Need a present for the bookworm in your life? Here ya go! πŸ˜‰

You can download your copy here!

Not sure? Here are some reviews:

“Fantasy, action, magic, and abilities- this book has it all. The main character, Rachel, was a breath of fresh air- wise for her age, untrusting, and a heroine who wants anything but to stand out. Blending in, being β€˜normal’, has always been Rachel’s wish in life, but she has to embrace the fact that normality isn’t hers. She is destined.” -Goodreads review, May 22nd 2016

“The novel opens with an incredibly well-written prologue that just had me hooked, from the style to the little details to the dangerous characters.” – Goodreads review, Dec 18th, 2016

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a well written, easy read with a page-turning storyline.” – Amazon review, Oct 25th 2016


Rifarne is a country opposed to magic. When its people demand harsh action, King Aeric sees himself with no other choice but to outlaw those with the gift. Rachael, a homeless orphan with the rare gift of a Seer, soon finds herself with visions of her own violent death. When her escape goes wrong and she ends up in the clutches of a vicious Mist Woman lusting for her blood, she finds she is the only person to stop the war against people like her – and assassinating the King to become Queen to a people who once wanted her dead may well be the only way to do just that.

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