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A-Z Name Prompts – E – Christmas Edition!


I hope you’re all having a wonderful break and festive days! <3 I’m briefly popping into your mailbox today to bring you a short, magical, Christmas story (if you’re not sick of it already, that is)

Thank you to everyone who voted here and on Twitter. I’ll keep it short this week since we’ve all got loved ones and food to get back to, but the winner of the last poll was Eloisa 🙂

If you need a break from the festivities and fancy having a go yourself, feel free to borrow it! Please link back here if you do so I can be nosy ^-^



(f.; renowned in battle)

Eloisa leaned on her sword. The weight of her armour drove the blade into the frozen ground. How long had it been since she had last fought? The world had changed so much since the last great war. She remembered the atrocities her kind and the demons had committed against each other. She remembered the smells and macabre lusts of battle and blood shed. Ten thousand years ago she had last lifted her sword. Too many lifetimes to count for the feeble people of this planet. One brief moment for her.

But it hadn’t been brief. At first she had been glad for the end to the fighting, but the last five hundred years or so had been dull. Eloisa had roamed the Earth for so long looking for a worthwhile fight, she couldn’t remember the last time she had sat down. When it had become apparent to her that she wouldn’t find it, she had begun a new search. Somewhere on this planet there was a sanctuary. A way home. She had finally found it.

Once they had called her Eloisa the Strong. Eloisa the Blooded. Eloisa the Red. Now all she wanted to be was rested, the will of her blade silenced at last.

It had taken her a long time to accept it, but she was ready for peace. This planet had been ready for a long time. These people – humans, they called themselves – always saw the bad side to things. They could spin everything into something negative, see only what they had lost or never had instead of all the wonderful, glorious things they could call theirs. Friends. Family. A roof over their heads. Eloisa had walked this planet for so long she couldn’t remember the feel of her home, or its smells. These humans were lucky, deeply fortunate for everything they took for granted, and they didn’t even realise it.

Eloisa pulled her sword out of the frozen soil, and walked down the hill. The humans called today ‘Christmas’, and it came with all sorts of superstitions and traditions. To her this Christmas marked the day she finally returned to her loved one’s side. Perhaps that was not so different to what the humans celebrated.

Eloisa had passed through the fog not an hour ago, and now the lost sanctuary lay before her. An island in the middle of a large lake, surrounded by ice. Everything was white, and silent. Glistening snow covered every surface, but one tree bloomed green and violet in the middle of the small island. This was her destination. This she had earned.

Eloisa stepped onto the lake without checking if it was frozen or not. Her wings still worked. They gave her warmth as well as protection. Her heart beat faster with every step she took towards the Tree of Eternity. How she had missed the sight!

Her wings glowed in anticipation. She cast down her sword, her armour, and allowed her many scars to breathe the biting chill of the winter’s frost.

It had been a long time she had last sat down. She was ready to be at peace.

Today she went home.


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  1. What a gorgeous story, my dear! You weave such beautiful narratives!

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