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The Indie Writer's Brownie Break


A few months ago I asked Twitter if there were any good Facebook groups for writers. While the post had a few likes and even a couple of retweets, no one had any recommendations for me – in fact, the only person who did comment had the same question!

I gave up for the time being because NaNo was just around the corner and, well, we all know how little time that leaves!

More recently I’ve realised how much I love helping writers get self-published and get that first draft written and edited. While I can’t do much only having self-published myself last year, I wanted to do more and create a friendly community for writers to ask questions and get the help and support they need.

This is why I’ve created The Indie Writer’s Brownie Break! (See a theme there? Cookies, brownies – I’ll take whatever as long as it’s got sugar in it and can be eaten while I write/edit/pull my hair out) I want Brownie Break to be a place where you can find beta readers, critique partners, ask questions, give advice, and generally feel loved in your indie writer awesomeness.

Take a look, grab a brownie, and make yourself comfortable! ^-^


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