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(Feast Your Eyes on Another) TITLE REVEAL! *dramatic drum roll*


As you’ll know, I’ve been using Soul of the Heart as a temporary title for my fantasy duology for the past few months. It took me a while to find the right name for it, but that time has now come! 😀

I thought I had it several times only to discard the title a few hours later. But this gave me the warm fuzzies when I first thought of it, and I’ve been calling it this in my head and my notebooks since then. And as we all know, there’s no clearer sign than the warm fuzzies over a couple of words! *ahem*


So, without further ado, here’s the title for Book 1 in my high fantasy duology! DRAMATIC DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!











Darkened Light will be out later this year. The first draft is resting at the moment, and I’ll begin the edit once Wardens of Archos is with my beta readers. I’m currently looking at September/October but don’t make a note of that just yet – it’s far too early for me to commit to anything! I’m hoping to have a blurb for you in a few weeks, too.

The title for Book 2 will be revealed closer to the release of Darkened Light 🙂 (It still gives me the warm fuzzies!)

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  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to.. cover reveal and then release! 🙂

    • Thank you <3 I'm not sure yet when I'll arrange for the cover to be designed, but I've got a few ideas for it ^-^

  2. So happy that I don’t have to hold it back any more 🙂 I still love the dynamic you created in both titles! Best of luck getting it read for September/October, but no pressure 🙂

    • Not at all, Faith! Shout if from the roof tops! 😀
      Haha, thanks 😛 I am feeling the pressure a little, but that’s only because my edits of Wardens of Archos are going slowly.

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