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Review: Surrender by G. R. Thomas (The A'vean Chronicles #2)


“Sophia Woodville’s life is anything but ordinary. You can’t be ordinary when you’ve discovered your’e an Earth-born Angel. Alone and suddenly powerless in the stinking heat of the Daimon realm, Sophia has been betrayed by the one person she trusted most. She must find a way to escape and continue her quest to unravel the clues left for her eyes only, fighting the Zombie-like Rogues to preserve the prophecies of Enoch. Only then can the Fallen Angels return to their homeland and humanity be released from the grip of Yeqon and his evil horde.”


What I thought:

I really enjoyed Awaken (Book 1 in the series) and fell in love with Thomas’ writing then, so I knew I had to have this one, too! I was especially chuffed when she offered me an ARC (or rather, I begged for one), so my repeated thanks to the author! ^-^

It was really nice to be back in Thomas’ world. Her writing has this odd familiarity to it, which made this read just as smooth as the first book in the series.

Because of everything that happened at the end of Awaken Sophia missed everyone badly, and I did, too. Her characters are so real and human that reading about them again felt like a small reunion.

The fire in my palms burned harder, yet my resolve weakened. I had nothing, I thought I had nothing, but right there on the floor under threat of an excruciating death, I had something. And I couldn’t let that go.

If you’ve spent any time on here at all you’ll know that I love a good plot twist, and this book has a few which packed one hell (… no pun intended) of a punch, especially towards the end. One right near the end specifically hit me hard.

We already knew that there’s someone amongst Sophia’s newly gained family who spied on them and betrayed them, and in Surrender the mystery thickened. I really hoped it’d be someone I knew and loved because that would have hurt more, but I guess I’m just a little masochistic when it comes to plot twists.

The characters developed beautifully, especially Sophia who had to decide between her loved ones and the greater good several times. She has grown a lot in Surrender, and it was great to see how she coped with these decisions.

A place of dread both had only ever heard talk of, and there they were, in the central station of Earth’s very own Hell.

My personal favourite was a scene near the end; a conversation between Koi and Belial. It was such a thoughtful exchange and so beautifully written that I’ll be marking it for future reference.

Surrender is a fantastic sequel to Awaken. It has answered some of the questions from Book 1, and has left plenty others to be answered in the concluding title. If you haven’t read this series already I highly recommend that you do!


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