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Review: The Fool by Liz Meldon (Games We Play, #0.5)

“One night can change everything.

That’s what they always say, and for now, vampire hunter Delia hopes it’s true. After years of mediocre performances, she’s still nothing more than a grunt in her hunter league, stuck on surveillance duty and low-level vamp busts.

So, when her informant drops an amazing lead in her lap, she jumps at the opportunity to take down the region’s rumored vampire leader at an invite-only masquerade ball. Clad in a mask and an uncomfortable dress, Delia throws herself into the fray—only to realize she’s woefully unprepared for the night that awaits her.

Also… Some ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool keeps distracting her.

One night. One job. One man. One chance to change her life.

All she has to do is not screw it up.

The Fool is a novella intended for readers aged 18+, and is the prologue for the paranormal romance serial Games We Play.”

What I thought:

SURPRISE! *throws confetti* I have two reviews for you today! 🙂 Since my review this morning was a theory book (and since I’m behind on my reviews as it is) I thought why not review a fiction novella as well? I’ll likely always do a second review when the first is a theory book. Chances are some of you are here for my reviews, not for my writing; I don’t see why you should miss out 😉

Don’t you just love writing a review when you forgot to take notes? *ahem*

The Fool is a prequel novella so I sped through it. It’s easily doable in one sitting if you’ve got an hour or two spare, and it’s every bit as sexy and intriguing as I’ve come to expect from Meldon.

Personally I found it slower to start with than her first novella in the Lovers and Liars series (you can see my gushing review here) but I still enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve already got The King waiting on my kindle, so I’m looking forward to getting around to that some time soon!

If you’re looking for a quick-to-read paranormal erotic novella, then look no further! However, please be aware that this series is aimed at mature audiences only, and is not suitable for younger readers.

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