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Review: A Shining in the Shadows by Beverley Lee (Gabriel Davenport, #2) (ARC)

Book Review: A Shining in the Shadows by Beverley Lee (Gabriel Davenport #2)

“Gabriel Davenport has been remade from darkness. Now, he must adapt to survive .

In a small seaside town, Gabriel’s maker unwittingly takes his wards into the throes of a deadly new game. There are rumblings on The Bloodvyne, the mental web of linked vampire consciousness. Whispers about a cleansing, about the ruling council hunting vampires with impure blood.

Gabriel finds himself thrust into a new nightmare, where the hunter becomes the hunted. When his maker is taken, he must battle to untangle the mystifying clues laid out in an uncovered labyrinth to find the only creature strong enough to fight against those that hunt his new-found family.

Gaze long into the darkness, and you’ll find old vampire foes out for revenge, new ones with their own agenda, and a witch who holds the key. But just who is the monster in the middle?”

Book Review: A Shining in the Shadows by Beverley Lee (Gabriel Davenport #2)

What I thought:

I was really chuffed to be on Beverley’s ARC squad <3 Having devoured her debut novel last year I was really excited to get my hands on the sequel.

And it delivered! Book 2 was every bit as thrilling, with new plot twists and new fascinating developments – and, of course, new cliffhangers setting up Book 3 – but no spoilers there 😉

Come to me, she whispered, and the fireflies in her eyes took flight.

The focus at the beginning is on Clove’s little group; however, previous POVs still made plenty of appearances, too, which gave a brilliant overview over (almost) everything that’s going on. I especially loved Moth’s and Teal’s POVs. Both boys really came into their own in this sequel and it was great to see just how much they developed over the course of the story.

There were also a few new characters who brought with them an interesting look into vampire politics!

I shuddered, the sensation running down my spine like the edge of a fingernail. My vision blurred and I blinked back tears, but I wasn’t sure if I was crying for what I had lost or what I had found.

Speaking of Moth and Teal, their character development was a personal highlight. We already knew a few things about them from Book 1, but this time we really got to know them and I loved watching them cope with all the new developments throughout. They are two very different boys who added a lot of depths to the plot. There were some fascinating facts about Teal which were revealed slowly as the plot progressed, and seeing Moth slowly open up was wonderful. For most of the book all I wanted was for Moth and Gabriel to get together and adopt Teal, because they’d make such a beautiful family! <3 Honestly, I can’t think of one character in Lee’s books I don’t like.

The writing was another highlight. Lee’s style is beautiful, and I found more quotes than I usually do – hence why I’ve chosen to include three rather than the usual two.

Something shifted deep inside him. Moth wasn’t prepared to lose another brother. If they went down, they would all do it together.

There ‘s everything to love about A Shining in the Shadows, and I can’t think of one aspect I didn’t enjoy. If you’re looking for a gothic urban fantasy with demons, vampires, and ancient magic (and why wouldn’t you? That sounds awesome!) I can’t recommend this book enough. It has everything you could want, and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

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