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A-Z Name Prompt – L

Happy Monday, friends! It’s time for another writing prompt!

I apologise for not posting one two weeks ago. We weren’t home over Easter and things got a little hectic, but I’m hoping that today’s exercise will make up for it 🙂

This week’s prompt is:


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(f.; Sky)

She drifted, weightless, wherever Sister Wind would take her. It had been a long time since she had last chosen a direction. Everywhere was the same and so different, and she had been everywhere at least three times. Used to be there was no point in going anywhere more than twice. Why go a forth time if she could simply be?

The breeze carried and cradled her in its soft arms. Gentle like blankets, her grandmother had said. Gentle like nothing else could ever hope to be, she thought.

Sister Wind whipped her around, but refused to let go of her when the sudden movement jerked Lani tighter into her Sister’s embrace. She hated going left. Right was where possibilities were. Nothing good had ever happened when she had turned left.

Of course, those times had been her own decisions. Sister Wind would never take her this way if it wasn’t important.

“Where are you taking me?” she thought.

“You will see. Patience, dearest daughter,” Sister Wind whispered back. Nearby the leafs of high cedar trees rustled at the sound of her voice. Nothing much reached them up here, but Sister Wind was everywhere, and so the farthest away shrubs were close enough.

Lani felt an odd sensation at the bottom of her belly. It tickled, and it seemed to rise up through her soul until it came out as an excited giggle. Why, going left had never done this to her! Only up could do that!

She was curious enough to materialise, truly see for herself, but for now she would remain hidden. Sister Wind would not take her left if it didn’t matter; unfortunately, not all things of import were positive, and so Lani bid her time. She wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

She crinkled her nose when the aching smell of burning trees and huts and worse entered her nose. People were screaming. Lani was trembling. Not here. Anywhere but here.

“Why?” It was all she could do not to cry out loud. Her mind was twisting enough as it was.

“Because they need hope, Lani. You could be that hope.”

She frowned. The breeze knew her better than this. “I hate humans. They are loud, and selfish, and this,” she nodded to the flames as best as she could while she was part of the breeze itself, “is their fault. They did this.”

“Not all of them wanted this, dearest daughter. Go to them. Be their hope.”

It would be nice to feel needed again, she mused. But humans?

“Will you stay with me, sister?”

“Always, dearest. I am everywhere, after all.”

“And I will be able to call you no matter where I go?”

“No matter how deep underground they take you, I will find you.”

“Then I will be their hope.”

Sister Wind sighed her approval, and the snow dusted off a nearby mountain range.

It would be nice to be needed again. Even by humans.

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  1. This is so beautiful! Oh wow! Sarina, I love this so much. Your prose is always so moving! <3

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      I’ve been dying to see what you thought <3 So happy you enjoyed it!

      • Sorry for the wait I fell so far behind this month on blogging and other people’s posts. But I think I’m finally back in it! ❤️️

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