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A-Z Name Prompt – M

Happy Monday, everyone! ^-^

It’s time for another writing prompt. And this week, it’s a draw!


Thank you to everyone who voted <3 If the prompt speaks to you, feel free to use it! If you do and publish your interpretation, please share a link with me so I can be nosy 😉


Mabel & Mather

(f.; lovable) & (m.; powerful army)

Mather sighed, and turned away from the soft sunlight that fell through the gap underneath the curtain.

Soft sheets around his bare legs. The carefree singing of birds.

His unit – his comrades – dying not that far away from him, wondering what the fuck had happened to him.

And what had happened to him? He had been the pride of his warlord. A real talent, he had been called, for having been made commander at his age. He was skilled, he was fast, and he had won every challenge posed to him. He had been meant to tip the scales of this war in their favour.

They’d skin him, gut him, and hang him from a flagpole if they found out that he had deserted. For an Aadhi woman, no less. But he loved her, and that was that. He knew that much after the three weeks she had spent nursing his injuries, even though he was the enemy. She could have left him for his wounds to grow infected and finally kill him, but she hadn’t had. She had saved him.

Perhaps his unit would assume him dead. It would be the easier solution.

Mather closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep when Mabel slipped back into the room smelling of strong coffee, and made her way to the bed. She moved on soft feet, like the world was her cushion. Every one of her movements was like liquid silk, her long dark hair flowing around her exposed back completed the image.

He felt the mattress move when she sat down by his side, and bent over. She kissed his temple. Soft lips to his rough scar.

“I know you’re awake, Mather.”

He smiled when he opened his eyes and pulled her to him.

He kissed her, slowly, savouring the moment. “How could you tell?”

“You breathe differently when you’re just pretending to be asleep.” Her finger teased the tip of his nose. “A woman knows, love.”

He didn’t want this moment to end. He wanted a life with her, somewhere far away, where no one cared that she was Aadhi and he was Zihran.

Her hair smelled of honey. The steady beating of her heart was reassuring against his calloused hand.

“I’ve been thinking.”

Mabel snuggled into him, and caressed his arms with her slender fingers.

“Is something wrong, love?”

“No. No, quite the opposite, actually.” He was a soldier, and he didn’t know how to be anything else, but Mabel healed people. She could do that anywhere. “Run away with me.”

His heart missed a beat when she stiffened in his arms.

“Mather, I can’t just leave them. They need me.”

He laid her onto her back, and leaned over her. “They’ll be fine, Mabel. They still have Catee, Sophie, Paula. You’ve trained them well.”

The smallest of smiles curled her lips. “That I have.” Her hand reached up, and stroked stray strands of hair away from his eyes. “Your hair is growing long. I can cut it, if you like.”

“Don’t change the subject. Please.”

She sighed. “Where would we go?”

“I don’t know. Anywhere. Somewhere we can be together without people staring. If we stay here, your people will find out that you’re hiding me, and my unit will find out that I deserted. It’s too dangerous, Mabel.”

She closed her eyes and frowned, like she always did when she knew he was right. “Give me one week, love. I need to prepare.”

He couldn’t hide his smile when he kissed her. “That’s fair.”

One more week, and they’d start over. He had been lucky so far, he knew that. His luck just needed to hold a little while longer.

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  1. I NEED to know what happens next in this one Sarina!!! So beautifully written ❤️️

    • sarinalangerwriter sarinalangerwriter

      Thank you, Faith! <3

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