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A-Z Name Prompts – O

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? 🙂

I’ve been thinking about what to do with this space once the name prompts are over. We are over halfway there now, and the alphabet doesn’t last forever, you know! #rude So I was wondering if you were up for a weekly serial? It’d receive more work and editing than these little prompts right here, but not as much as my books (I’m not paying my editor for a full developmental for a serial! I mean, come on… I’m a poor kitten, and my familiar eats a lot). Hands up if you’re interested, please! *mememememe*

But let’s move on to these prompts while we still have them, shall we? Today’s prompt is:


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(m.; divine ruler)

Osric looked down upon his world, and shuddered. Then he shuddered once more because he had shuddered at all; when had he become so human? So vulnerable? Only a thousand years ago he wouldn’t have shown his emotions so obviously. To err was human, but he was supposed to be better than human. He was supposed to be grander, more powerful, more beautiful, than they could behold. But he wasn’t, and he knew just who to blame.

Osric searched the village below, and found him easily.

“Bring me my sword.”

His servant, a being similar to him but ultimately powerless, hurried to get the weapon. Even his staff were stronger than the average human. They never did anything as mundane as shudder.

“Your sword, my lord.”

Osric held the golden weapon out in front of him where he could see the full length of its cold metal. It warmed at his touch, and he could feel his wings respond in turn. It had been too long since the last war. Too long since the last time he had stretched his feathers and carried his sword into battle.

But that was good. He couldn’t shudder as well as develop a lust for pointless blood shed. It was too–

He sighed. Perhaps this was exactly what he needed. How long had it been since he had last walked among men? How long since he had last left the Observatory?

“I will be gone for a while. Only contact me if there are problems.”

His servants bowed their heads in respect.

Osric stepped outside, walked over the edge of his gardens, and let himself fall.

Humans would think him a god, but he was nothing of the sort. He hadn’t created this world, split continents, or commanded mountain ranges to rise. He was old, but he was not a creator responsible for all this.

He landed on soft feet, cushioned by his wings, in the middle of a forest. Daren’s house wasn’t far from here. The sun had only just risen; if he walked quickly, Osric would reach his house before noon.

Osric’s sword melted into him and spread a welcome heat first through his chest and then his entirety. He doubted he’d need the weapon–humanity wasn’t due another war for at least two-hundred years, but he felt better carrying it.

Indeed, just walking this planet again made him feel better. He had been inside the Observatory for too many decades, watching Daren long enough to satisfy his curiosity but not so long as to rouse suspicion. It was time Osric went to see him in person.

It was time he loved again.

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