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Review: Victor by Brianna West (Guardians in Love #1)

Book Review: Victor by Brianna West

“Lilly Hughes, pureblood witch and Guardian-in-training, has worked arduously the last three years to become the best Guardian in her class in hopes of securing a position on Lucas Easton’s team, the highest coveted position in the Guardians and the team her late mother was a member of. However, she suffers from a dangerously clumsy nature that threatens to make that dream just that, a dream.

Until she meets Victor, supervising angel to Lucas Easton’s team and active member on the Promiscus Guardian council. He’s an angel with a gentlemanly demeanor and incredible looks that immediately turns her bad luck for good. Or does he? His gentle nature is hiding a dark secret, a past that Lilly has been desperate to know since she was told of how her mother perished in a mission.

What is Victor’s connection to it? How can she control these subsurface desires for the one man who might hold the key to her future and the secret behind her mother’s death? Will it ultimately lead to tragedy?”

Book Review: Victor by Brianna WestWhat I thought:

I took Victor with me on holiday because when has a steamy paranormal romance not gone well with holidays? Exactly.

(And yes, I’m beyond annoyed with myself that I forgot to take a picture of it on holiday, so if it doesn’t look sunny it’s because it’s not -.-)

I read Awakening earlier this year and knew this is the spin-off series. It works well as such, and offers a bit of extra background information. Some of the characters from the main series do make an appearance while others are mentioned, so if you’ve read Promiscus Guardians first you’ll recognise the names. I was worried (too late, naturally – I was on holiday by that point and pretty committed to reading it) that it might spoil a few things for the main series since I’ve only read the one book, but there wasn’t anything that could spoil the next books for me. It’s also not necessary to have read Promiscus Guardians first, so either way you’re good!

The main character, Lilly, was great fun to read and the plot was just as action-packed as in Awakening. Personally, I found it a little too cheesy and cliche. I prefer romances that develop slowly over time to people falling in love the moment they see one another. The latter always sounds more like lust rather than actual love to me and I can’t help but feel they’ll separate sooner or later.

I will read the rest of the spin-off series eventually but will focus on Promiscus Guardians first, just in case there are spoilers further down the line.

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