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A-Z Name Prompts – P

It’s time for another biweekly prompt, friends! I just did the maths (pre-tea, tho) and there are only 10 more prompts left to go after today :O So at this rate we’ll currently finish in early December… *ahem*

I’ve started thinking about the serial that will follow these, and am quite excited because it’ll be my first real delve into short stories. I’ve got an idea for it and a notebook to plot it in, now I just need to do it 🙂

For now let’s get back to these little prompts. This week’s prompt is…

Not gonna lie, I was hoping Pell would win. That could have been so sinister, friends. But you want Purity, so let’s see what I can do with that… *ahem* *no ideas* *halp*

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it. If you do please link back here so I can be nosy :3



(f.; virtue)

Her hair fell into the snow, white on white, almost invisible under the pale light of the moon. The rest of her followed, first her legs, than her arms stretching out tentatively, then the length of her back, and finally her head. The humans called this cold, but to her it meant comfort, home, and an understanding deeper than they could fathom.

The humans called her Purity, too, after the crisp perfection of first snow, even though her name was far more complicated and more ancient than that. None of them would have been able to pronounce it and she didn’t want them to know. Her name was sacred. Names held power. Hers was too special to be known by humans.

She stretched out, snow moving up beside her in soft clouds rather than melting. Her own body was cold if she wished it to be, and she didn’t mean the snow any harm. The humans were right about this – first snow was pure, and perhaps she deserved to be named for it, after all.

Not long now.

Her white dress embraced her small form sure as any satin could. It was the colour of winter, and she was the season’s child.

A dark shadow moved towards her. She could sense him approach, heavy footsteps on undisturbed snow. She knew why he was here. She felt no fear.

Not long now.

This was as it had to be. She had served the season well for a thousand years, but all things must come to an end. She would live on, without the human’s awareness. They would miss her. They wouldn’t understand. It could be dangerous for him if they knew.

Not long now.

His heavy footsteps fell silent by her side.

“It is time, sister.”

“Then set me free, brother.”

It was her turn to become the snow fall. It was her turn to become the pale pink sky on a winter morning. It was simply another way of life, and all life had beauty to it. The humans wouldn’t understand. Their souls couldn’t do what she did. Not in the same way.

He lay down next to her, a brother holding his little sister in his arms, and cradled her.

“I shall follow you next year, when it is my turn to become the night.”

He was a shadow right now. His footsteps in the snow were silent to human ears, but she knew. The cold winter breeze sang to her, the ice of the frozen branches overhead whispered her news.

“Then we will rule winter together once more, brother.”

He stroked her long hair away from her slim face, and kissed her eyes. “Sleep well, sister. Not long now.”

His shadow whispered to her, and she felt herself fade until her soul had become one with the ice and the breeze.

It snowed. He smiled.

Not long now.

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