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Review: Zombie Playlist by K. J. Chapman

Book Review: Zombie Playlist by K. J. Chapman

“Dagger has survived the zombie apocalypse with nothing save a metal bat, blades, and assholery. With the company of an IPOD she attained courtesy of Dead-Dude, and King, the Bunker-Boy straggler she somehow acquired on her journey, she travels to the coast, putting down zombies, blowing up high-grade assholes, and teaching King how to ditch his pre-apocalypse conscience and keep his yellow ass alive.”

Book Review: Zombie Playlist by K. J. Chapman

What I thought:

*Thank you to the author for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Zombie Playlist was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I read it shortly after Equal Rites and was still in a bit of a reading slump after two disappointing reads before that, but Dagger’s snarkiness got me out of the slump again!

Dagger has taken to the zombie apocalypse like a little duckling takes to water, and has done incredibly well at staying alive thanks to her general mistrust of other people. While others seek strength in numbers, Dagger knows that she’s best off on her own – until she has a moment and rescues King, who won’t leave her alone afterwards. Kinda like a lost puppy following the only person who’s scratched its ears recently.

This is perfect. Not only am I going to kill him, he’s going to die looking like a twat in a poncho.

Dagger isn’t cold and unfeeling, exactly, but she has survived thanks to basic assholery – glorious uncensored sarcasm abounds, friends. King, on the other hand, has waited it out inside a bunker for most of the apocalypse until he was forced to leave that, and knows nothing about surviving on his own. Dagger is the strength, and King is the kindness. Dagger brings out King’s survival instincts, and he brings out her softer side. They complement each other extremely well, and I loved watching their relationship as well as their individual characters grow.

What has this world come to? If he was my friend, or even just some dude I had travelled with, I would have at least run over his skull; popped his zombie ass like a zit. That’s what I would want if it were me. But, nope, some people are just bloody animals.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced zombie apocalypse novella with great characters which holds nothing back where gruesome detail is concerned, then this is a must-read for you! Its release date is in only a few days on the 4th September, so either mark that in your calendars or pre-order it now 😉

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