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Review: Cole by Liz Meldon (All In, #2)

Book Review: Cole by Liz Meldon (All In #2)

Skye Summers: Gainfully employed university grad, cat servant, leftover sushi connoisseur…

Sugar baby falling hard and fast for two men.

Still reeling from her steamy encounter with Finn, Skye has a tidal wave of feelings to decode when the snarky billionaire shows up on her doorstep with a bouquet of chocolate roses. Oh, and a declaration that if she and Cole aren’t a real couple outside of their sugar daddy contract, then Finn is coming after her heart—hard.

And, honestly, Skye doesn’t hate his enthusiasm. In fact, she finds Finn and his wit rather charming.

Her suppressed feelings for sugar daddy Cole, however, refuse to quit. Even if they left things a little awkward after Finn’s party, four years of blossoming love aren’t easy to forget.

But when Cole waltzes into her usual Wednesday evening yoga class, looking gorgeous as ever, Skye finally learns that her feelings might not be so one-sided…”

Book Review: Cole by Liz Meldon (All In #2)

What I thought:

A little while ago I joined Meldon’s ARC Review Team, and it’s the best thing ever, friends. Free sexy books in my inbox? Yes, please! My thanks to the author for letting me have all these delicious ARCs <3

After the events (read: sex party) of Book #1, Skye is torn. She knows she needs to do the right thing, but adulting is hard, y’all, and Meldon’s characters are nothing if not realistic, so Skye struggles a lot with the difficult decision she needs to make: who does she want? Sexy, British Finn who she’s only just met, or equally sexy and familiar Cole, who she may or may not be in love with but who’s so bad at talking about his feelings Skye isn’t sure what he wants? There are only two things she knows for sure: she doesn’t want to lose either of them, and she doesn’t want a love triangle. The sweet girl is too honest and loyal for that, and I love her all the more for it. She dislikes love triangles as much as I do, I think.

This was an issue that affected them both, and if they didn’t sort it out now, their future with Skye was in jeopardy. However, Finn hadn’t factored in that matters of the heart were not logical or reasonable.

While Skye is working up the courage to adult responsibly, Finn and Cole are aware of her struggle (well, Finn is, anyway – as I said, Cole isn’t very good with feelings) and come up with their own solution to the problem. Neither of them want to lose Skye, and come up with the perfect plan – now they just need to find a good moment to tell Skye, who has come to her own conclusion while Finn and Cole were talking.

I can’t believe this ended the way it did. I. NEED. MORE! Friends, this series is addictive. The books are so short you can easily squeeze them in, and they’re a perfect blend of erotic scenes, strong characters, and page-turning plot.

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