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Wardens of Archos Signed Paperback Giveaway


With the release of Wardens of Archos only one week away, I thought now was the perfect time to give away some signed paperbacks! If you’d like to win one of two signed copies, read on 😉

Here’s how you enter:

• post a picture of Book 1 in the trilogy, Rise of the Sparrows, and tell me who your favourite character is using the hashtag #wardensofarchosgiveaway I want to make sure that Book 2 goes to someone who’s read the first book, hence the picture 😉
• you can enter on Twitter, Facebook, and on Instagram
• if you cross-post across social media platforms (from Instagram to Twitter, for example) make sure you’ve tagged me correctly so I don’t miss your posts. My handles are: @sarinalanger (Twitter), @sarinalangerwriter (Instagram and Facebook)
• 1 entry per social media platform – so, if you post on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook, you get three entries
• 1 entry if you sign up to my newsletter
• 1 entry if you join my Sparrow Review Team

That makes five potential entries, friends! 😘

Commenting here does not count as an entry.

The giveaway ends on Sunday October 15. The winners will be announced on Monday ☺️

Good luck, friends and Sparrows!

“Once a despised street rat, now the reigning queen of Rifarne, Rachael is at the centre of everyone’s attention. All she wants is a few peaceful moments to herself—

but her kingdom has other plans.

The Tramuran ambassador unnerves her.

The Krymistian lady is hiding something.

A Mist Woman brings her a gift, and a warning: Aeron’s death has released the Dark One’s shades into the world. And Rachael, as the only living seer in existence, is the only one who can stop him before he destroys everything she’s beginning to cherish. But can Rachael trust the Mist Woman, or is Kaida just another sorceress playing with her life?

There’s a chance that answers are hidden beneath the ancient Krymistian ruins of Archos.

If only she could be sure that her nightmares of Cephy are just that, and not something darker…

Rachael is running out of time. The shadows are coming, and their claws are reaching for her.”

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