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A-Z Name Prompts – U

Since Wardens of Archos is out TODAY (what?!? show me!), this writing prompt will be trilogy themed ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or it’s trilogy world themed, anyway. Which isn’t to say that there’ll definitely be more books set in this world in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰ *wink wink* Totally not saying that. At all. *ahem*

This week’s prompt, chosen by you, is:

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(m.; power of the wolf)

A quiet forest just outside Maishi Hou in Midoka wasn’t the most logical place for a Tramuran to move to, Ulric had known that. The magic was everywhere here, sizzling in the air and glowing through the leafs. And no one tried to stop it. It made him nervous. It made him uneasy.

But it was beautiful and it was wild, unlikely Tramura.

This untamed magic hadn’t tried to harm him yet, whereas his daughter was dead because of Tramuran bandits. All his life he’d been taught that magic was evil, but it was swords that had killed her, not spells.

He felt a weak tug on the bait and reeled in his catch. The lake outside his little cabin held few fish and nothing exotic – not by Midokan standards, anyway – but it gave him everything he needed. Fresh water, fresh fish, and the serene calm Tramura had lacked.

It gave him peace.

At night, sei came out to dance on the water; beautiful, glowing lights unlike anything he’d ever seen. He’d hid and slept high up in a tree during his first night, they had spooked him so much. When he’d woken in the morning, one night-wisp was resting on his arm. It had scared him awake and he’d almost fallen out of the tree, but the sei hadn’t jumped or laughed or run away.

That’s when he had realised that there was nothing to fear here. Magic was as dangerous as the swords the mercenaries back home carried – deadly in the wrong hands, but harmless if left to itself.

“What have you got for me today?”

He could hear the warm smile on her voice. He had never imagined he’d sell fish and herbs to a mist woman one day. Back in Tramura, he’d have been burnt alive for helping a sorceress.

“Nothing much, I’m afraid. They’re not biting as much today, but I’ve got you the leafs you wanted They’re inside on the table, help yourself.”

He got up and turned around, meeting her dark eyes. Anei Rin reminded him of his daughter; maybe that’s why he didn’t mind what she was. Or maybe he just finally knew better.

He followed her as she entered his small cabin, and left the meager catch to dry outside.

“How are your studies going?”

She didn’t turn around. It was a sore subject, but he felt rude not asking. He had a feeling not many people did.

“They’re not. How much do you want for these?”

“You can have them,” he said. “They’re worth more to you Mist Sorcerers than they are to me.”

“Mist Women, Ulric, not sorcerers. It’s not the same. And I’m neither, anyhow.”

“You study in Maishi Hou. I don’t know any others, true, so I can’t compare, but you’re a Mist Woman to me.”

Anei Rin examined the herbs and smiled, but it was false. The sparkle had left her eyes.

“Don’t let them hear you say it. I’m a failed experiment to them.”

He cringed at the deep loathing in her voice. “That’s not–”

“How much? I refuse to take them for free.”

He sighed. Anei Rin was too stubborn to back down, he knew that. Just like his daughter.

“Just the usual price. Two quarters will do.”

She nodded, and pulled the leather pouch from her belt. The movement exposed her shoulder, and revealed the black vine-shaped tattoos underneath. Anei Rin hated them, said they were useless, even blamed them for her inability to use magic, but he knew better. He felt something every time he saw them.

Her tattoos were magic, and they were dangerous. His inexperience with the gift made it more obvious to him, perhaps – he didn’t see her as something to study, he just saw what was and felt what his gut was telling him.

Rin wasn’t his daughter, but he’d protect her all the same.

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