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Review: Editing Made Easy by Bruce Kaplan

Book Review: Editing Made Easy by Bruce Kaplan

“Have you ever wondered: How to make your writing more exciting, more punchy and more accurate? Why your sentences sometimes do not make sense? What people mean when they complain about split infinitives? This title answers these questions.”

Book Review: Editing Made Easy by Bruce Kaplan

What I thought:

This’ll be a quick little review for a quick little book!

Editing Made Easy actually makes editing easy. It doesn’t waffle (note to self: don’t review books when hungry) and gets straight to the point, each of which is only one page long, two at most. If you want a no-nonsense approach to proofreading, here you go!

Editing Made Easy covers all the basics you need to know.

It gives examples in case you’re not sure about any of the issues covered.

Because it’s so short (I’ve read novellas longer than this book) it’s easy to come back to if you ever need to look anything up as you edit. AND it takes up no space on your shelf! You can totally slide this between two hardbacks and you’d probably lose it that way, actually, don’t do that. But it is tiny, so not having any more room on your shelf is no excuse here.

There’s a checklist at the end so you can work your way through when you edit. Kaplan couldn’t make it easier!

It won’t help much with developmental edits or line edits, however. It focuses on the proofread, and it’s an excellent companion for that.

If you hate proofreading your own book or struggle with any part of that process, this is an easy recommendation (and a smol addition to your shelf).

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